100 Envelopes




Want a super-easy way to raise over $5000.00 for your Children's Department, Camp, events?


Grab 100 plain white envelopes (or something more colorful if you choose), a black sharpie, a colorful display board, 100 thumbtacks and you're all ready to go.


  • Gather 100 envelopes and a sharpie pen

  • Number the envelopes $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, $4.00 etc. all the way to a $100.00 envelope. You only need one envelope with each cash amount written on it. $1.00-$100.00
  • Create an attractive display board with all 100 envelopes displayed on it. (Numerical order)
  • Give your campaign a name...such as "Help send our kids to CAMP" or something similar.
  • Display your board in the front foyer, in the back of the worship center, etc. 
  • Announce the campaign...put it in the bulletin, create flyers explaining what the campaign is for. 
  • If ALL 100 envelopes are taken (plenty of envelopes for any budget) you will have raised over $5,000.00 for your event.
  • Don't believe it? Get out your calculator and add it up!
  • Happy fundraising!

  If you host your own "100 Envelope" campaign, please share a few of your 

display board pics and let me know how your campaign went!

I would LOVE to see them!

arleneclark@sbcglobal.net or text to 479-619-9932

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