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Adopt A Pet

Adopt A Pet- Stuffed Animal Adoptions

Looking for a fun way to encourage your children to read their Bibles, do acts of kindness or serve others? Needing a trunk or treat booth activity? Teaching a series on animals from the Bible and need something special to kick things off? Hosting an animal theme VBS and you need something for the kids to take home on closing day or parent night? Hosting a fall festival and need a "cake walk" prize instead of a "food" treat?

Why not host an Adopt a Pet event.

It's simple and the kids LOVE it!

This event can be as simple as collecting stuffed animals (ask your church family to pick up one or two to donate for your event) and printing out an adoption form. 

On event day, the children will select their animal, complete an adoption form and take their special pet home for keeps.

Be creative...with your event.

Add extra components such as:

Having the children adopt their pet with the commitment of taking care of them and by reading Bible scripture to them each day...for a certain number of days, weeks, months, etc.

Or, host your own stuffed animal sleepover.

The children will bring their animals for a sleepover party and at a certain time, the children will go home while their  pets stay behind for a sleepover.



Following are a few ideas that you may want to consider for your adoption event or  sleepover party.


  • Set up a "collar" table where they children can create their own personalized collar for their pet.

  • Set up a vet check area, Have an adult dress in a lab coat and do animal checks.

  • Set out fabric that the children can use to cut out a square/rectangle blanket for their pet.

Be creative! There are LOTS of ways to incorporate an "Adopt a Pet" into your ministry.

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Adopt a Puppy - Stuffed Animal Adoptions

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Adoption Form Puppy.jpg

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Adoption Form Bunny.jpg

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