Bon Voyage Coronavirus

(Family Fun Night - Using Items You have Around the House)

Bon Voyage Coronavirus

Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” Matthew 14:23

Encourage your families to throw a Bon Voyage party that will send the Coronavirus packing!

Families will use items that they already have around their home...or make their own.


Encourage families to decorate, decorate, decorate by using:

  • Leftover party decorations...from ANY or ALL holidays, parties, etc. 

  • Cut up scraps of paper to create confetti

  • Create "Goodbye Coronavirus" posters, yard signs, banners. sidewalk chalk farewell's etc.

  • Hang streamers

  • Hang balloons on their mailboxes

  • Display their banners, posters, yard art in their windows, on their front lawns, etc to encourage their neighbors.

  • Bake a cake...or any other party favorites!

  • Dress in summer outfits...sunglasses, shorts, sun hats, etc and party! party! party!


  • Cruise on outa' here: Families will make their own paper boats (sample template below) and award prizes for different categories. (If you prefer to make a paper airplane and have a competition...that is fine too.)

  • Protect yourself: Families will draw names; amongst their family members and wrap gifts for each other. Gifts can be hand sanitizer, soap, hand wipes, homemade funny mask, etc...anything that will protect them while sending off the virus.

  • Take a hike: If families are allowed to go outdoors, encourage them to take a walk around their neighborhoods. They may carry their posters, banners...even their balloons if they spread a little cheer amongst their neighbors!

  • Encourage families to spend time in God's Word...and to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for the virus to "take a hike"!

  • Quick Pick: Arrange items about the floor and have family members pack a suitcase or travel bag as fast as they can. Set a timer and have prizes for whoever can pack the bag fastest.

  • Where is it? Name a place in the Bible and have a competition to see who can find it (in the Bible) first. You may have to team up if you have small children.


Back Side 

Download and add your own details

 Devotional and Prayer time...Pray, pray, pray!


Matthew 14:22-33 as a family.

Use the download below to get you started.

Peter Walks on Water

Put Your Trust in Jesus


Additional Activities

  • Use this family time to discuss upcoming vacation plans...or dream vacations.

  • Plan a special outing for "post" virus days...when things are safe. A picnic, a hike, a day trip, etc. Or, allow each person to select a family "day" trip outing and spread the celebration out over several weeks.

  • Have each family member select a place that they would like to visit one day...encourage them to research that location during their free time and then gather together for another fun night of learning about each person's "dream location."

  • Search for churches in selected "dream" locations and become "pen" pals with them (e-mails, text, etc). Learn even more about each selected is the virus affecting their area, how is it affecting them etc. Pray for them. 

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