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Bring a Twin Friend

(Friend Day)

Bring A Twin Friend

Encourage your Children's Department to “Bring a FRIEND”

Not just any friend...A Twin Friend!

Bring your best friend, your cousin, your sibling or even your parent and dress alike. Be creative...wear the same clothes, fix your hair the same way, wear the same funny socks...hats...glasses...etc.

Go beyond your Children's Department...encourage EVERYONE to BRING A TWIN FRIEND!

Teachers...Don't forget to participate as well! 

Be creative...make friendship bread starter with the kids and allow each child to take home a "start" to share (Click HERE for recipe).  Make friendship bracelets, take friend pics, etc.

Make it a month-long event by teaching about "pairs" from the Bible each week. Adam and Eve, Ruth and Naomi, Noah's Ark, and David and Goliath...the list is endless!

Bring a Twin Friend - Stepping Out.jpg

Prizes Ideas

· The Most Creative Couple— “Twin” Arches (McDonald’s) $5 Gift Certificates

· The Most “Look Alike” Friends—”Twin” Arches (McDonald’s) $5 Gift Certificates

· All children who bring a friend (plus their guest) “Twin”kies and Double” mint gum

· Everyone attending— “Twin” pop popsicles 

This might also be the perfect time for a "double stack" pancake breakfast. Everyone comes for pancakes, spends time in fellowship and participates in the costume competition before church even begins.

Make sure to include your children (children's dept) when serving, cleaning tables, etc.

Sample Pics

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