Bubble Bath Gift and Card

Bubble Bath Gift and Card

Here’s a gift for Christmas Day.

I’ll try by best in every way.

But if you get upset with me,

Relax and soak! Don’t you agree?

Love __________________________________

Merry Christmas 2019

Before We Begin

   Purchase the following:

A box (will be using 3 tablespoons per child) of Bath Salts or Powder Bubble Bath

A box of plastic snack bags (one per child)

A copy  of the Bubble Bath Card Below (1 per child)

Gather the following items:


Hole Punch

Crayons, Markers or Pencils (or all of them if you choose)

A tablespoon (several if you enough have helpers)


Download the card below (two-sided)​

Story Card - Two Sided

Let's Begin

Pass out one card. one ribbon (approx 10-12" long) and one snack bag to each child.

Allow the children to personalize their cards on the inside...including their signature.

While the children are busy personalizing their cards, pour the bath salts/Powdered Bubble Bath into a large bowl/s.

Place a tablespoon inside each bowl.

Allow the children to place 3 tablespoons of bath salts/Powdered Bubble Bath into their snack bags and zip shut. Gather the top of the baggie together and place a ribbon around the baggie. Tie in a knot. (Optional: Purchase some colorful tulle/netting and cut into a small circle. Or purchase a bag of the tulle that has already been cut into circles (wedding section). Place the baggie inside the circle of tulle and gather the edges together. Wrap the ribbon around the gathered tulle and tie into a knot)

Using the hole punch, place a hole in the upper left-hand corner of the card. Run one loose end of the ribbon through the hole. Gather the two ends of the ribbon and tie them into a bow. This will attach the bubble bath baggie to the card.


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