The Christmas Nail

(Tree Ornament)

The Christmas Nail

Tree Ornament

The Christmas Nail

It's Christmas time at our house and we are putting up the tree.

I wish I could find one simple way to remember Christ's gift to me.                     Some little sign or symbol to show friends stopping by.

The little baby was born one day, But He really came to die.

Some symbol of His nail-pierced hands, the blood He shed for you and me...

What if I hung a simple nail upon my Christmas tree?

A crimson bow tied 'round the nail as His blood flowed down so free

to save each person from their sin and redeem us for all eternity.

I know it was His love for us that held Him to that tree,

but when I see this simple nail I know He died for me.

Poem and Gift Tag Download

Attach a tag to each nail using a red piece of ribbon, string, yarn, etc. Attach a red bow if you wish.

 Gift Tag 

Attach a gift tag to each gift box or bag.

Before We Begin

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   Purchase or gather the following supplies

  • 6-8" nails from the hardware department - Lowe's, Home Depot, etc (one per child) 

  • Small red bows (1 per child). They come 12 per package (approx) and can be found at the $1.00 store, Dollar General, or any craft store. 

  • Ribbon (any kind) - Cut into lengths (8-10" - One per child)

  • Hole punch

Let's Get Started

Download, print, and cut apart "The Christmas Nail Poem" page

Download, print and cut apart the "Gift Tag" page

  • Using a hole punch, punch a hole in the upper left-hand corner of the poem

  • Using your 8-10" piece of ribbon, fold it in half and make a loop.  Attach the ribbon to the top of the nail. This loop is for hanging the ornament on the tree.

  • The little red bows come with a gold ribbon/pipe cleaner already attached. Separate the two ends of the pipe cleaner that are hanging loose and stick one end through the hole on the poem page.

  • Place the nail between the two ends of the pipe cleaner and twist to attach the poem and bow onto the nail.

  • Place the nail in a gift bag or box and attach a gift tag to each one.

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