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Black Out Sunday

black out sunday

Black Out Sunday

Black Out Sunday Slide.jpg

The Sunday following and major holiday is always a noisy and active day...and when the event lands on a Saturday, you know that the following day is going to be wild!


However, you can change this but simply changing the lighting, the seating arrangement, and all the "things as usual" routine.


Turn on several battery-operated candles (or battery-operated lanterns) and place them in the center of the circle (telling the children to remain where they are...not touching the candle).


Turn the lights off! Allow the children to lay down on their stomachs if they wish...but facing you.


Don't be a stickler...if they are not looking at you but they are listening and they are not disturbing others...let it go. The object is to get through the day and to plant whatever seeds you are able to plant for the day.


Now it's up to you!


I normally do not PLAN a lesson for this day. I simply allow the Lord to lead the entire morning. I like to have several topics in my head to get things rolling and to keep the children on track. But basically, I engage the children in conversation. With the lights low, they feel more comfortable speaking and you will receive some wonderful responses.


Don't rush the day...let them talk. If you don't get through each's ok. If that is what is on their hearts then just run with it. Ask thought-provoking questions and allow the children to speak.


Remember, it's their time to speak...don't dominate the morning...simply guide the conversation and go with it. Expand on their conversations and see where God will lead!


Following are a few ideas that you may want to add...but remember, keep everything simple and calm for the most part.


Use the template below to add any details that you would like to add to your event...wear all black, wear all white, free glow sticks, free pack of starburst, etc.


Finish your day off by giving the children glow sticks and singing a song (about light)...with the lights still off. Here is a really fun song that is super simple and easy to follow. Kids can sing and wave their glow sticks in the darkness.


A little tip...if you have...or can purchase... a light projector to project stars on the ceiling, it will add to the atmosphere. Use only stationary stars...nothing that involves motions or flashing stars as that will only lead to the movement of the children. Something similar to this.


Add whatever you would like...but remember to keep the day simple!

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Wonders of Winter Wildlife

wonders of winter wildlife

New Flyer - February Valentines Day.jpg

Looking for a fun winter event? Hosting a Parent's Night Out for Valentine's Day? Are kids being dropped off at the church for an evening of fun? Why not host a Wonders of Winter Wildlife event. Create bird feeders...or gather some of your crafty men together to help the children build/paint birdhouses. If you live in an area where Park Rangers are available, consider contacting them about teaching the children about winter wildlife. My kiddo's ALWAYS love our nature hike and wildlife days!

Easter Outdoor Scavenge Hunt

scavenger hunt

Looking for an easy Palm Sunday event for your Children's Church or Sunday School classes? Try an Easter Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt. Send the children out with a list of items to find. When they are finished, take one item at a time and read the appropriate scripture (Easter Lesson). Have the children share what they found and what it represents...allow them plenty of time to will get some pretty amazing responses.

When we did this event, it was a super cold day. I sent the children out to find one item at a time. When they brought their items in, we reviewed them and then sent them out in search of the next item. This gave them time to warm up between each item and allowed for some AMAZING responses from the children.

Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt - Clues Only.jpg
Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt.jpg