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Gingerbread Houses and Gingerbread Cookie Outreach Competition

A Family Gingerbread House or Gingerbread Cookie competition is an easy and fun way to encourage family time.

1. Create a flyer (sample at the bottom of this page...download, and edit if you choose)

2. Pass out flyers to each child...pass them out again when the event date nears.

3. Promote your event on the big screen, Facebook, Instagram...however you communicate with your families.

4. Purchase prizes for the winner.

5. Host your gingerbread event anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas...or any time that works for your church. You may even decide to leave the date open. Promote it as an event that can be done between two specific dates. Such as November _____ to December _________ with a deadline of __________.  

6. Each family will bake and decorate their cookies...remembering to take pics of their family during each stage of the cookie baking.

7. Families will submit 2-3 of their favorite pics (via text or e-mail)

8. All pics will be posted on Facebook

9. Winners will be selected from the submitted pics.

12. Prizes are awarded

13. Winners will pick their prize up at the church.

14. Don't forget to take the winner's pics with their prizes.

Note: You may want to purchase gingerbread boy or gingerbread girl cookie cutters and attach the flyer to the cookie cutter. Hand out the cutters along with the flyers to promote the event. If you decide to do a Gingerbread house competition, you may want to pass out small bags of candy (to use on their houses) with the flyer attached.

Facebook competitions are a fun and easy way to connect with families in your community. Challenge your church families, neighborhood or the entire community and beyond. 

Competitions are easy to create, easy to host and easy to manage.

You may have to host one or two before you get people in the habit of checking your Facebook page on a regular basis. 

Hosting competitions will draw people to your Facebook page where they will learn more about your church...and hopefully, make a connection. However, the main purpose is to draw families closer together...including your own church families. Families will work together as a team to complete the competitions.

You can host any type of competition that you wish. You are only limited by your imagination. Start by checking your calendar for various seasons or holidays. You will come up with lots of great ideas by looking at each month.

  • Pass out flyers to your church families.

  • Post Competition on your Facebook Page.

  • Do a Facebook blast...which simply means that everyone shares your Facebook post at the same exact time. During announcements would be a great time to have everyone pull out their phones and share...if allowed.

  • Ask church members to share your Facebook post with family and friends.

  • Post your flyer on all FREE community Facebook pages.

  • Purchase prizes... a basket (or two...or three...if you want to pass out first, second and third place prizes) filled with "baking items" is a great gift idea. Note: I have found that a 5-gallon bucket works great as an alternative to a basket...they come in many colors and cost only $2-3 at Wal-Mart). You can add lots of filler if the bucket it too large.

  • Re-share your flyer often leading up to the event date. 

  • The day of the event, post details on your Facebook site...Start time, deadline, how to submit pics, etc. 

  • Once the deadline has expired, post each submission on your Facebook page, select a winner or give each picture a number and invite people to vote for their favorite pics.

  • Award your prizes...post the winners on-line. 

  • Winners will pick up their prize at the church.

  • Make sure to thank each of your entries and invite them to church on Sunday.

  • Consider creating a short photo video or a slide show of the sledding activities to share before worship.

  • If you come up with some new ideas that will make this event even better...please share them with me @ 479-619-9932 or arleneclark@sbcglobal.net

  • Please share some pics from your event...I would love to see all of the fun family time. 

  • This event can be tailor-made to fit your church and your community.

  • Be creative and have fun!


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If you host your own "Gingerbread House/Cookies" event, please share a few of your pics and new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them!

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