Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? 

(Family Fun Day - Community Outreach)

Family Fun Day

Open to Everyone

Facebook Competition

If you do not have snow in your area? Host a "Do you Wanna Build a Sandcastle" event instead.

This event can also be used as a summer activity.

Simply bring in a load of sand and invite your families to a sandcastle building event at your church!

A "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman" event is an easy and fun way to encourage family time.

1. Create a flyer (sample at the bottom of this, and edit if you choose)

2. Pass out your flyers to each child

3. Promote your event on the big screen, Facebook, Instagram...however you communicate with your families.

4. Purchase prizes for the winner.

5. Any time that snow is in the forecast, re-post or re-share your information...add some fun comments to keep the kids excited. "Snow in the forecast tonight...will we be making snowmen tomorrow???" 

6. When the snow or re-share your information again.

7. First big snow...Family fun time begins! Families create their snowmen...take lots of fun family pics...and submits 1-2 pics to you via text (or whatever method you choose)

8. Winner is chosen

9. Prizes are awarded

10. All pics are posted on Facebook. Don't forget to take the winner's pics with their prizes.



Challenge your entire well as surrounding communities by hosting a "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" Community Competition. 


  • Create a flyer

  • Pass out flyers to your church families.

  • Post Competition on your Facebook Page.

  • Do a Facebook blast...which simply means that everyone shares your Facebook post at the same exact time. During announcements would be a great time to have everyone pull out their phones and share...if allowed.

  • Ask your church members to share your Facebook post with family and friends.

  • Post your flyer on all community Facebook pages.

  • Send flyers home with your pass out to their friends at school.

  • Purchase prizes... a basket (or two...or three...if you want to pass out first, second and third place prizes) filled with "wintery" items is a great gift idea. Note: I have found that a 5-gallon bucket works great as an alternative to a basket...they come in many colors and cost only $2-3 at Wal-Mart) 

  • And then.....WAIT...WAIT...WAIT...for that first BIG SNOW.

  • Re-share your flyer any time that snow is in the a teaser...leading up to the big competition

  • When you receive your first big snow of 2020, post details on your Facebook site...Starting time, deadline, where to send pics etc. 

  • Families will create their snowmen, take lots of pics and send (text, e-mail) their two...or three...favorite pics to you. I would encourage families to include their entire family in one of the submitted pics.

  • If you have a large parking lot or field at your church, invite people (who do not have a yard) to come to the church to build their snowmen. 

  • Once the deadline has expired, post each submission on your Facebook page. You can then choose your favorite or give each snowman a number and invite people to vote for their favorite snowman on Facebook

  • Award your the winners on-line. 

  • Winners will pick up their prize at the church.

  • Make sure to thank each of your entries and invite them to church on Sunday. (You may want to set up a hot chocolate station and encourage all participants to join you for come some hot chocolate goodness...on Sunday morning).

  • If there were snowmen built in your parking lot/grass area, invite everyone (all your church family too) to join you for a "viewing" at a specific time (1-2 hour time span) and serve hot chocolate as well. 

  • If you come up with some new ideas that will make this event even better...please share them with me @ 479-619-9932 or

  • Please share some pics from your event...I would love to see all of the creative "snowmen".

  • This event can be tailor-made to fit your church and your community.

  • Be creative and have fun!

Download Flyer

Editable Flyer

If you host your own "Frosty Competition" event, please share a few of your pics and 

new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them! or text to 479-619-9932

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