Easter Handprint Craft

Paid in Full - Easter Handprint Craft

An Easter Handprint Craft


Use this dramatic craft when teaching about the crucifixion of Christ or Salvation.

What you will need

  • Black Construction Paper

  • White Tempera Paint

  • Red Tempera Paint

  • Small paper plates (used to pour the paint onto)

  • Small Foam Paint Brush (used for painting the handprint)

  • Fine Point Paint Brush (used for writing "paid in full" and the red spot

  • A container of warm water (for handwashing)

  • Paper towels (for hand drying)

  • An extra helper or two

  • A white crayon. (Used for writing their names on the back of the black construction paper)

What you will do

  • Have each child write their name on the back of their paper before you begin.

  • Using the foam brush, paint each child's handprint (one at a time) and press onto the black construction paper. Make sure to put plenty of paint on their hand...too dry and it will stick to the paper.

  • Pass the child off to one of your helpers to have their hand washed and dried. Older children are able to do this on their own.

  • Allow handprints to dry a few minutes while you are working with the other children.

  • Allow each child to paint the red spot in the center of the handprint and pass the brush and paint to the next person. If you have a lot of children, prepare several plates with red paint on them.

  • Allow each child to write "paid in full"...assist those who need help.

Download Template Below

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