Easter Nature Walk

Easter Nature Walk and

Through the Bible Scavenger Hunt

Looking for an easy way to share the true meaning of Easter with your children?

Why not send them outdoors for a little nature walk/scavenger hunt?

  • Download the list of "things to find" below

  • Run copies for each child

  • Give each child an Easter basket, bucket or even a Wal-Mart bag and send them out to find all the items on the list.  

  • Be prepared for some pretty strange items. :) 


Once the children return with their treasures

  • Ask them to pull out their first item

  • Tell them what the first item represents

  • Have one child at a time, share what they found and then place it on the table.

  • As each child shares their item. ask them to tell you one thing that they know about the topic. Ex #1 is something sharp and it represents Jesus' pain...so, what one thing can they tell you about the pain that Jesus suffered?


You will get some pretty amazing answers from them.

When you have finished with the first item, go on to the second, third, fourth, etc. 

Make this a fun time of sharing...don't make the children sit in chairs, have them stand around the table so that they can see each item and participate in the discussion.

Click below to download a

FREE template. 

Click below to download a

FREE template. 

Have time to spare?

Have the children "partner up" and do a "Travel through the for this Easter Bible Scavenger Hunt.

Download Below

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Sample Pics

If you host your own "Easter Nature Walk" event, please share a few of your

pics and new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them!

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