Germ Busters

(Serving the Church)

We Ain't Fraid Of No Germs!

Want a quick and easy service project for your children?

Try a "Germ Busters" event!


Each year...when the germs are at their height, we spend the morning "busting germs" in our Worship Center.

We clean every single seat in the Worship Center...and it SMELLS AMAZING when everyone comes in for Worship time.


A few containers of Disinfectant wipes (scented if possible) ana few small trash bags (Wal-Mart bags work great) and your team is ready to tackle even the nastiest of germs.


We "bust germs" during our Sunday School (approx 30 minutes) hour.

We bust germs for 30 minutes and then have a shorter class time (30 minutes).


I lead the children to the Worship center and explain what the project is.

We wipe down the armrests and the backs of the seats (the area where you place your hands

while standing to sing.)


Each child is assigned an entire row of seats. They clean the armrests and backs....changing our wipes for each seat.

Leaders stand in the isles and collect used wipes (trash bags).


I received a large donation of wipes so each child had their own container. If you do not have wipes for each child then have leaders stand in the isles and collect used wipes as well as pass out new ones.


As part of the project, you could consider asking each child to bring a container of wipes or ask the congregation for donations. 


One year, I found little germ clings at Target and stuck them around on the seats...if a child found a cling, they removed it, wiped under it and kept the germ clings. I did not put these on the arms or the backs where most germs would be...but rather under the seats.

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