Happy Birthday Jesus

(Family Fun Day - Community Outreach)

Family Fun Day

Happy Birthday Jesus Party


Facebook Community Competition

What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than to involve your families in the preparation and celebration of His birth.

The most important thing we'll celebrate at Christmas is the birth of Jesus...so why not have some fun family time together?

How it works

1. Purchase 1 box of cake mix per family

2. Purchase 1 tub of icing (frosting) per family

3. Purchase any other items that your budget will allow...sprinkles, candles, party horns, confetti...whatever you choose. 

4. Create birthday kits by placing each families cake ingredients inside a brown paper bag (or any container that you wish...colorful bags, boxes, etc.)

5. Attach instructions to each bag

6. Send 1 bag home with each family

7. Families will throw their own birthday party for Jesus...(bake and frost cake, have a celebration party, read the scripture of His birth...etc.)

8. Families will take pics throughout the party...just as they would at anyone's party.

9. Families will text or e-mail 2-3 pictures of their celebration to you. At least one pic has to be a picture of their finished cake.

10. All photos will be placed on Facebook. You can select the winners or allow your Facebook followers to vote.

11. Award prizes...select several different categories on which to judge the pictures.


Challenge your entire community...as well as surrounding communities to a Happy Birthday Jesus Party Competition. 


  • Take the party to the streets. You can easily convert your Happy Birthday Jesus Party into a community-wide event by making a couple of simple changes...Do not purchase birthday cake ingredients. Do not make bags...Do not send anything home or have anyone pick up a kit. (You can still provide them for your church family if you would like)

  • Instead, create a Facebook flyer or slide inviting everyone to bake a cake for Jesus and send in their entry pictures.

  • Post your Competition on your Facebook Page.

  • Post your event...complete with details (starting time, deadline, photo submission info, etc) on Facebook at least two-three weeks before the event is to begin. Build excitement!

  • Do a Facebook blast...which simply means that everyone shares your Facebook post at the same exact time. During announcements would be a great time to have everyone pull out their phones and share...if allowed.

  • Ask your church family to share your Facebook post with family and friends.

  • Post your flyer on all FREE community Facebook pages.

  • Provide flyers for members to share.

  • Allow a span of time for families to complete their party. Remember, families, are busy so run your contest over a two week period of time (or more) to allow them time to plan, prepare and host their own parties.

  • Purchase prizes... a basket (or two...or even three...if you want to pass out first, second and third place prizes) filled with "wintery gift items" is a great gift for this time of year. Note: I have found that a bucket works great as an alternative to a basket...they come in many colors and sizes cost only $2-3 at Wal-Mart) You can add packing peanuts around your items...especially near the bottom to take up a little room. 

  • Re-share your flyer several times during the contest time period. 

  • Once the submission deadline has expired, post all submissions online. You can select a winner yourself or open up online voting. Give each entry a number and invite followers to vote on their favorite birthday party pics.

  • Post the winner's names on-line. 

  • Winners will pick up their prize at the church. Make sure to take a pic pf them with their prize and post on-line. 

  • Make sure to thank each of your entries and invite them to church on Sunday. 

  • Consider creating a short photo video or a slide show of the birthday pics to share before worship.

  • If you come up with some new ideas that will make this event even better...please share with me @ 479-619-9932 or arleneclark@sbcglobal.net

  • Please share some pics from your event...I would love to see all of the fun family celebrations.

  • This event can be tailor-made to fit your church and your community.

  • Be creative and have fun!

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If you host your own "Birthday Party for Jesus" event, please share a few of your pics and new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them!

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