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Milk and Bookies October 13th -

Milk and Bookie's

Looking for something a little different? Host a Milk and Bookies event and share the simplest of gifts...a book!

You've Been Egged - Front - Yellow - Ver

You've Been Egged

You've Been Egged!

Egg all of your friends this Easter with these amazing "You've Been Egged" bags!


Scarecrow Comp

Host a Scarecrow Competition on Facebook. Families will create their Scarecrows at home and enter into the Fall Festival contests.


Soup-er Bowl Sunday

Celebrate the Super Bowl by hosting a fun soup-er bowl challenge event. Boys and girls will compete to see who can collect the most cans of soup for local food pantries or a local food bank.


Pop Tarts & PJ's

Host a Pop-Tarts and Pajama's day. Enjoy Pop-Tarts and milk plus bring a box of pop-tarts for community pantries, church pantries or local food banks.


Never Forget

Remember our Veterans and those currently serving in the Military with a "Never Forget Project". 


Germ Busters #1

Teach your children to serve within their own church by hosting a "Germ Busters" event. Children will clean and sanitize seats in the worship center...Serving others!

Oodles of Noodles - Big Screen.jpg

Oodles of Noodles

 Collect Oodles of Noodles and fill local "Little free pantries" and your own church panty or donate to your local food bank .

Mr Rogers Random Acts of Kindness Day -

Acts of Kindness

Celebrate "Random Acts of Kindness Day" on May 23rd (the 143rd day of the year) by hosting a "Random Act of Kindness" day.


Sledding Comp

Enjoy a family fun day or challenge your entire community to a family-friendly "sledding" competition. 

Promote family togetherness as each family waits for the perfect snow.


Christmas in July

Looking for a way to re-use Christmas Cards that you received this year? Try a Christmas in July prayer mission event.

The Golden Rule of Peace.jpg

The Golden Rule

Create a fun and memorable "Golden Ruler" bag to help teach your children

The Golden Rule...Great porch drop activity.

Corona Hair.jpg

Crazy Hair Comp.

Host a Jack-O-Lantern Competition on Facebook. Families will create their pumpkins at home and enter into the Fall Festival contests.

Stuff a Pumpkin - Flyer - Blank (2).jpg

Feed the Homeless

After Halloween, save your plastic Halloween pumpkins. Ask members to donate their leftover plastic pumpkins as well. Fill the pumpkins with a Thanksgiving meal or much needed hygiene items.

Hand the pumpkins out to the homeless/displaced, those in women or men's shelters etc. 



Host a Jack-O-Lantern Competition on Facebook. Families will create their pumpkins at home and enter into the Fall Festival contests.


Helping Paws

Create delicious...nutritious dog biscuits for local animal shelters or service dog organizations.


Salvation Army


 Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army will be one of your children's favorite mission projects each year. 


Lions Club Glasses

Collect old eyeglasses and donate to the Lions Club. Glasses will be repaired and sent to foreign countries.

Mister Rogers Hall Way Slide 2.jpg

Sweater / Coat Drive

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sweater Drive.

Collect coats to keep those in your community warm this winter.


Big Bubble Night

Challenge your community to participate in a REALLY BIG BUBBLE competition. Contestants will create bubbles, take pics and enter them online for a chance to win prizes.


Sidewalk Chalk

Whip out the chalk and get ready for some AMAZING creations. This event can be done as an online competition that is open to the public as well.

Just Popped In.jpg

Just Popped In

Looking for a new way to connect with your families?

Try a "Just Popped In" popcorn challenge coupled with a "Friday Night at the Movies" family night.

House of Cards.jpg

House of Cards

Challenge your families to a "House of Cards" competition. Great porch drop or hand out activity to encourage family time.


April Showers

Grab your rain boots and your umbrella and head outside for a "family fun day" of splishing and splashing in the puddles.

Bon Voyage Coronavirus Slide - FINAL.jpg

Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage Corona Virus. Get ready for a fun and creative family night. This event can be re-named to "Bon-Voyage Winter, "Bon-Voyage School, etc"


Mission Possible

Get ready to share Christ's love and promote a positive change in your community.


Germ Busters #2

Looking for creative ways to engage your children?

​Need something that will engage parents AND keep the children entertained during cold and flu season?

Germ Busters is loaded with "Tons" of Germ Buster activities. Activity makes a great "porch drop" kit.


Socks of Love

Minister to the homeless in your community by creating socks filled with hygiene items. Just stuff one sock inside the other and fill it with sample-size hygiene items. Have your kiddos create cards to attach to their sock of love bundle. Don't forget to include a witnessing track.


The Giving Tree

Get Ready to Hit the Mission Field Right There in Your Own Community!

12 Different mission events that anyone can participate in!!!

Stuff a Pumpkin - Slide.jpg

Help the Homeless

Save your plastic pumpkins and stuff with hygiene items for those living on the street.

Make sure to add a nice pair of warm socks!


Easter Invite

On a budget and looking for an inexpensive way to invite friends?

Needing an easy way for kids to invite their friends from school? Create these simple "single invite" eggs and send a few eggs home with each child. 


Birthday in a Box

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Get ready for an exciting birthday party...for Jesus. Send home a box of cake mix, a tub of icing, etc. and invite families to throw a Happy Birthday Jesus party.

Birthday (86).jpg

Birthday in a Bag

Every child deserves a cake on their special day. Create a "Birthday in a bag" and drop bags off at little free pantries in your community. Attach a special tag to wish a child a Happy Birthday!

Socktober Slide - 2019.jpg


Celebrate Sock-tober by wearing crazy socks and bringing an extra pair for the homeless.


Build A Snowman

"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" event.

Promote family togetherness as each family waits for the first BIG snow and then creates their own "Family" snowman.


Gingerbread Comp

Who doesn't like making gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house? Create your own online competition for families in your neighborhood, community or church.


Keep Out Corona

Welcome to Crazy-Crazy-Crazy Family Hat Night...Corona Virus Style. This event can be re-named and used as a Crazy Hat Night anytime of the year. Crazy Hat Flyer download included. 

Laffy Taffy Friday.jpg

Laffy Taffy Friday

 It's Joke Friday... Challenge your families to submit their best joke on your church Facebook page. Hand out your favorite gag gift for the winning joke. Get your families involved in a little laughter.

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