Mission and Service Ideas

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Sweater, Coat and Hoodie


Host a Sweater, Coat, and Hoodie Drive to help your community stay warm this winter.

Teach your children how to give of their time and possessions.

Get the entire church involved.

You can also add NEW hats, gloves, or scarves to your drive if you choose to do so!

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Stuff a Pumpkin for the Homeless

Save your plastic pumpkins and stuff with hygiene items for those living on the street.

Add a tract and pass out the pumpkins, drop off at shelters, or work with organizations that help those in need.

Make sure to add a nice pair of warm socks!

Thanksgiving Meals for the Homeless

Save your plastic pumpkins and fill them with a turkey sandwich, a slice of pumpkin pie, and any other Thanksgiving treat of your choice.

Add a tract and pass out the pumpkins, drop off at shelters, or work with organizations that feed the homeless.

Make sure to add a nice pair of warm socks!


Christmas in July 


Mission Event

Looking for a way to re-use your old Christmas Cards? Try a Christmas in July prayer mission event. Ask for everyone's old cards, save until July, pass out cards weekly and pray for the sender! Great way to teach children about prayer!

Mr Rogers Random Acts of Kindness Day -

Random Acts of Kindness Day

May 23rd

Fred Rogers, the star of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood had a special code to let the people in his neighborhood know that he loved for them. He would say to his friends, "1-4-3," which stood for the number of letters in the words "I love you."

Celebrate "Random Acts of Kindness Day" on May 23rd (the 143rd day of the year) by hosting a "Random Act of Kindness" day.

Oodles of Noodles

Pantry Mission

Teach the children about "giving" and "feeding the hungry" with a quirky "Oodles of Noodles" mission event. Collect Oodles of Noodles and fill local "Little free pantries" and your own church panty or donate to your local food bank .



Bowl Challenge

Celebrate the Super Bowl by hosting a fun soup-er bowl challenge event. Boys and girls will compete to see who can collect the most cans of soup for local food pantries or a local food bank.

Winning team takes home the

title of Soup-er Bowl



Germ Busters



Teach your children to serve within their own church by hosting a "Germ Busters" event. Children will sanitize the Worship Center seats, toys in the nursery, or any other area that you deem worth of a good "Germ Busting" event. 

All you need are some disinfectant wipes and a team of "Germ busters" 

Helping Paws



Create delicious...nutritious dog biscuits for local animal shelters or service dog organizations.

Teach the children to care for not only their 2 legged friends but the 4 legged friends as well.

All ingredients are nutritious and healthy for pets.

More info coming soon!

Check back!


The Never Forget Project

Remember our Veterans and those currently serving in the Military with a "Never Forget Project". 

Send home a visual reminder to pray for our men and women in harm's way. An easy event with a BIG impact!

Prayer Mission Event!

Lions Club



A Perfect 20-20 mission project.

Collect eye-glasses (any kind and in any shape) and donate to the Lions Club. Glasses will be repaired and sent to children and adults in foreign countries to help them see 20-20.

More information coming soon

Check Back!

Milk and Bookies Mission Event

Looking for something a little different? Host a Milk and Bookies event and share the simplest of gifts...a book!

Your children may be surprised to learn that many children do not own a single book.

Help them learn to share with those less fortunate.

More information coming soon!


Socks for the Homeless


Celebrate Sock-tober by wearing crazy socks and bringing an extra pair for the homeless.

Teach your children to show compassion for those living without the luxury of shelter.

More information coming soon!


and Pajama's

Food Mission

Host a Pop-Tarts and Pajama's day on Daylight saving day...or any time of the year. Children will enjoy Pop-Tarts and milk plus bring a box of pop-tarts for community pantries, church pantries or local food banks.

Have fun while learning to share with others in need.

More information coming soon

Salvation Army

Red-Kettle Bell Ringing


Mission in action. Round up your children and get ready to ring in the cheer of Christmas. Ringing the bell for the Salvation Army will be one of your children's favorite mission projects each year. 

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