Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sweater,                Coat and Hoodie Drive

Mission Event

Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sweater, Coat and Hoodie Drive

It's a "BEAUTIFUL DAY" to start a Mr. Rogers Neighborhood Sweater (and coat) drive for children in need this winter.

Get your entire church involved.

Request good, clean items with no holes or stains...buttons and zippers intact. 

If there is a cleaner in your community, speak with them about cleaning the coats for you.

If you cannot find a cleaner, ask for volunteers to take home a few coats, wash them, and return them to the church.

Partner with local schools, children's shelters, or foster care organizations to distribute the coats.

Take it one step further by collecting NEW hats, gloves, or scarves!

Perfect Bible Lesson...Dorcas (Tabitha). Tabitha was a charitable person who made things, especially clothing, for the needy in Joppa.


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