Family Fun Days and Community Outreach

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Many of the activities listed below were created as "Family Fun" Day events, events to encourage family time. However, they can easily be altered to become "on-line" (Facebook) community outreach activities. These events will get your church noticed, encourage family time throughout the community, and reach people who are not being reached. These events will minister to families outside of your church and time, draw them inside your church. Reaching the first step.

Events such as the Jack-o-lantern competition (below) or the Scarecrow competition, can easily be used to draw families to your Fall Festival which will actually bring them to your doorstep. 




Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?

Looking for a fun family event or a little friendly community competition?

Try a "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" event.

Promote family togetherness as each family waits for the first BIG snow and then creates their own "Family" snowman.

If you do not have snow in your area try a "Do You Wanna Build A Sandcastle" event instead. This event can easily be used for community outreach. Click the photo above to see how. 




Family Fun 

Enjoy a family fun day or challenge your entire community to a family-friendly "sledding" competition. 

Promote family togetherness as each family waits for the perfect snow. Enjoy a fun day of family sledding, take pics, select your favorite pics, send them prizes.

Promote family time with minimal cost.

This event can easily be adapted into a community outreach event, Click on the photo above to see how.

April Showers

Splash Day

Family Fun

Grab your rain boots and your umbrella and head outside for a "family fun day" of splishing and splashing in the puddles.

Take pics, enter them via text or     e-mail for a chance to win prizes.

Enjoy a family fun day or challenge your entire community to a family-friendly splash competition.

Promote family time with little cost.

This event can easily be adapted into a community outreach event, Click on the photo above to see how.

20190418_201625 (1).jpg

Easter Sunday

Chalk Art


Grab a box of chalk, create an Easter masterpiece, submit your photos (text or e-mail), and hopefully win a prize for the best masterpiece.

This event can be part of the Easter celebration with your church family or open the event to your community as part of a community outreach event.

Grab your chalk, find an empty slab of concrete and start drawing!



BIG-BIG-BIG Bubble Night Competition

Challenge your community to participate in a REALLY BIG BUBBLE competition. Contestants will create bubbles, take pics and enter them online for a chance to win prizes. Awards for the biggest bubbles, most creative pic, etc. You set the rules, you choose the prizes.

An exciting way to get your whole community involved!

Ginger Bread House/Cookie


Who doesn't like making gingerbread cookies or a gingerbread house? Create your own on-line competition for families in your neighborhood, community or church.

Families will create their masterpieces, take several pics and submit their favorite (via text) in an effort to win prizes...or the Title of Gingerbread Champion.


Happy Birthday Jesus

Get ready for an exciting birthday party...for Jesus. Send home a box of cake mix, a tub of frosting and anything else that you would like supply and invite families to throw a Happy Birthday Jesus party. Amazing family fun time. You can also post this on Facebook and invite the community to join in. Of course, they would purchase their own supplies. Photos of each party will be text to you in an effort to win a "Birthday surprise"...of your choosing.


Easter Scavenger Hunt  

Community Easter Hunt for your church families, neighborhood, friends, or the entire community.

Walk with Jesus through His birth - Resurrection.

Wonderful family time, Bible scripture, scavenger hunt, time of reflection, etc. 

Bring the Easter story to life with this fun and interactive

scavenger hunt.

This scavenger hunt is very versatile. It can be altered to fit your own needs.

Easter Sunday


Looking for a fun and creative way to invite your family and friends to Easter services?

Check out this cute and delicious bag of Easter eggs.

Get your children excited by involving them in the assembly process.

Make plenty of extras's so that everyone in your church can grab a bag and invite a friend!

Easy way to invite all of our family and friends!

Let's get hopping!

You've Been Egged - Front - Yellow - Ver

You've Been

Egged -


Easter Invite

You've been Egged!

Egg all of your friends this Easter with these amazing "You've Been Egged" bags!

Simply fill bags, drop on doorsteps, invite friends and share Jesus.

How much easier can it get?

Easter Egg Family and Friends Invite

On a budget and looking for an inexpensive way to invite friends?

Needing an easy way for kids to invite their friends from school? Create these simple "single invite" eggs and send a few eggs home with each child. 

Scarecrow or Jack-O-Lantern 


Host a Scarecrow or Jack-O-Lantern Competition on Facebook. Competition can be Facebook only or add the event to your list of Fall Festival activities. Families will create their Jack-O-Lanterns or Scarecrows at home and enter into the Fall Festival contests.

Competition can be for your families only or open to the public. Families will compete for prizes. and the Title of Jack-O-Lantern/Scarecrow Champions.