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Hang on to Jesus

I know that many of you are discouraged during this difficult time but remember: 1. God was not taken by surprise 2. God will use this time for His glory. 3. You have been CHOSEN to do exactly what you are exactly this moment in time.

Don't get discouraged about the things that you can't do anything about. Serve...serve...serve...and keep on serving...with a joyful heart. You do not know the effect that you are having on others' lives, you do not know the seeds that you are planting, you do not know the difference that you are making in the life of someone else...but God does. Let God handle the details. Don't get discouraged when families are not responding. Instead of being discouraged about who you are not reaching, pray that God will use your efforts to reach that one family who needs to know that someone cares. Have a blessed day! Keep on serving...God is with you! I have been praying for you this morning! Step out with a joyful heart...God has it covered!

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