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Life Can Get Nuts!

How can everything be so peaceful one moment and then wild the next?

For those of you who still have children at home, don't get the foolish idea that when you become empty nesters your child-rearing days are over.

Over the last couple of weeks, our lives...and the lives of our children have been completely nuts! New grandbaby, hospital scares, hurricane threats, new homes (moves), unexpected (but wonderful) visits, a couple of quick trips, family gatherings, etc etc etc. Life can get REALLY busy...REALLY fast. You find yourself doing a balancing act...balancing your obligations...with your time alone with God. I must admit...I often fail with the balancing act. Balancing normal daily activities with "God time" can be hard enough...but when the unknown comes knocking at your door...your entire day can go haywire...leaving a trail of chaos and no time or energy left for God. What's the solution? Put God first...before any of the craziness starts. If you have to get up early...get up early. Find your quiet, peaceful spot, and share a cup of coffee with God. Gain the kind of peace that only God can give. Although I have been busy, you are not far from my mind. I pray for each of you many times throughout the day. I am an expert at praying on the run :) Often I find myself doing various tasks...and so lost in thought and prayer that I am oblivious to those around me. I have been startled countless times when someone has walked in on me and began to speak. I have accused them of sneaking up on me just to watch me jump! But I wouldn't have it any other way...I love talking to God...getting lost in prayer...including Him in my daily tasks! Have a blessed day! Thank you for the AMAZING job that you are doing! Even if you feel that no one knows, no one sees, no one seems to care...God does! He knows...He sees...He cares!

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