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Serving an AWESOME God

This is the second time that I have written this post so Satan must not like what I have to say...which means that I MUST write it again! I was almost finished with my first writing when POOF it disappeared into thin air. However, I will not be defeated.

This Saturday, we will be hosting our 15th annual "A Christmas to Remember" program for under-resourced families in our community. This event is a year-long labor of love that requires many hours of hard work and dedication...and comes with a large dose of frustration from time to time.

Due to COVID, we have had to switch up our normal program a bit by moving it it as a drive-thru event. (Similar to a trunk or treat where the children walk from car to car playing games, picking up prizes, etc. When they reach the end, they receive a large trash bag filled with gifts for each member of their family.)

We are praying that we can return to our regular format next year however the drive-thru event has been a wonderful alternative and it has allowed us to continue serving those in our community.

Earlier this year, I took a nasty fall. I dislocated my shoulder, broke my rotator cuff and tore several muscles in both arms. I went through months of physical therapy and lost precious planning and soliciting time. I was unsure if our Christmas event would even happen this year.

However, we serve an AMAZING and AWESOME GOD who reminds me that this event is not about me, it's about HIM 100%.

I should have realized this because I have watched Him provide time after some pretty amazing ways. However, nothing I have ever witnessed compares with what I have seen this year!

(I'm sure this is what Satan didn't want you to know the first time around!)


This year, I have watched as donations poured in...far more than ever before.

This year, I have received e-mails, texts and phone calls from vendors asking if I could use various products that they had for our event...without ever receiving a request from me.

This year, I have received HUGE donations from Christian organizations...with scripture already imprinted on the product. Allowing us to witness in some pretty amazing ways.

This year, I have more volunteers than I have ever had...20 of them coming in within an hour or two of making the need public.

This year, I have watched as God provided a new HUGE warehouse...right here at home. Making it simple to sort, organize and store donations as they come in.

This year, I have watched as...right at the last minute, God provided for a few last-minute needs with a cash donation from an unexpected source.

This year...God has shown me that it isn't about's about Him 100%

Don't get discouraged...don't give up...don't give in! Instead, give it to God and enjoy the ride!

Praising my Lord and Savior who took me along for the ride this year...and carried me across the finish line!

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