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Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Is God calling you to step outside of your comfort zone?

Many years ago, my Pastor told me that when a person is able to do their job with their eyes closed; with little or no effort, they will become discouraged, burnt out, ready to give up. And that it is during these times that a person must challenge themselves to do something new.

Excellent advice that I have never forgotten...and often used.

Over the past couple of years, I have noticed a trend with many children's leaders. That trend is one of discouragement. Every week, I notice more and more leaders speak out on being discouraged.

But...what if they have simply reached a point in their ministry where they can "do it with their eyes closed"? A point where they have outgrown their ministry and they are no longer challenged.

I know what you are going to say..."These past few months have been nothing "BUT" change, adapt, compromise...and challenge.

But what if God is using our current circumstances...our discouragements...our feelings of fan a flame?

What if God is trying to ignite a spark that is buried deep without our hearts?

During these uncertain times, have your eyes been opened to new ministry needs?

Have you learned new ways to reach the lost?

Have you been able to reach families that you were never able to reach before?

Has new life been breathed into your current ministry?

Or, is God calling you to step out?

Is He challenging you to take the things that you have witnessed the last several months and begin a brand new work?

Often we find ourselves thinking that "someone" should do this or "someone" should do that...but guess what? YOU just might be that somebody?

If God is calling you to do something new, don't be afraid.

Step out and...accept the challenge. God is waiting for you!

Remember to take some time for yourself today.

Re-fill that coffee cup and spend some quiet time...alone with God!

Have a blessed day. Praying for you always.

Thank you for all of the wonderful work you are doing!

You ARE a blessing!

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