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The Gospel

Front Porch Ponderings:

How many people could you reach with the Gospel if you shared the Gospel with the children in our classroom? I mean REALLY shared the simple broken down detail! (A whiteboard is a simple tool to help you explain Salvation.)

And what if you allowed your children to practice witnessing to each other to the point where they felt comfortable sharing the Gospel? (Key)

And what if you challenged your children to share the Gospel with just one family member or friend each week.

And what if you kept track of how many people heard the Gospel that week?

How many people could your class reach in just one month?

And to go a step further, what if your children were so comfortable sharing the Gospel that they not only shared with their family and friends, they taught them how to share God's Word as well. (If you use a whiteboard to share the Gospel, the children will be able to pull out a sheet of paper, a napkin, or ANYTHING that is available to help them explain Salvation in a simple way that anyone can understand. You don't have to be an artist...anyone can understand even a crude drawing)

How quickly would God's Word spread across the world?

Our children need God now...more than ever. They need to know that there is hope and there is a future...and that future is in Jesus Christ!

There is a war going on for our children. So many are concerned with teaching them about things of this world...things that will not matter in the end.

 We have to stand in the gap...and teach them about Jesus.

Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. James 3

Just something for you to ponder on this week!

I hope this gets your creative minds thinking of ways that you can implement this simple (but so important) exercise into your teaching. Or, that it at least encourages you to sit and ponder about what you are teaching.

Thank you for all that you do!

You have been given an incredible responsibility and I know that it is not easy. I thank God for each of you!

How to use a whiteboard to explain Salvation...

Simply draw a circle to represent heaven in the upper right-hand corner, a circle to represent earth, in the middle of the board left-hand side, and a big SIN cloud that separates heaven from the earth. I always make a circle on the left-hand bottom side for hell. Don't be afraid to talk about hell...our children NEED to know that there is a hell. You don't have to go into great detail but they do need to know that this is not where they want to be. Ask who lives in heaven and write it inside the heaven circle. Ask who lives on earth (us) and write it in the earth circle. Add any other details that you would like.

True Story:

I once taught the Plan of Salvation using the white-board and a red marker. When I started talking about how Jesus shed His blood for us, the red marker leaked all over my hand and onto my dress (which amazingly enough was the same shade of red as the marker). A teacher brought me some wet wipes and when I ran them across my hands, it took the marker off instantly...not a trace of the marker was left. I was able to turn the moment into a teaching moment by talking about Jesus's blood and about how He will forgive us of our sins and will wipe them away. It was a perfect un-planned object lesson...a God moment! Watch for those God moments and take advantage of them...they will leave you feeling amazed!

Praying for you!



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