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The Map and the GPS

One thing that I miss during this time of uncertainty is traveling.

My husband and I love to doesn't matter where...we just love to hit the wide-open road and go wherever life takes us.

Last year was a big milestone for us. We completed the entire Historic Route 66 route...Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier in LA...and we did it in a 1960 Chevy Impala.

It took us a total of 4 different trips...with 6 of our best complete the journey. 4 of the best vacations ever...traveling over 8000 antique cars!

While in California, we were traveling down a busy road when the light turned red. We stopped and a young guy rolled up to us and said "Sweet car". Seeing the GPS in my hand he said: "Hey, you should install an authentic era GPS system in your car."

Being a 1960 Chevy Impala, I was really tempted to say "Uhh...that would be called a map." but I held my tongue and said "Yeah." After all, he was so young, and he may not even know what a map is...any more than he knew that they did not have GPS in 1960...they had maps.

Maps are amazing little things...Unfold one and the possibilities are endless. Unfold one...and your journey begins. Unfold one...and you may never get it folded back correctly again.

Many of my friends; my husband included, prefer to use a map. They love to unfold it, feel it, be in charge of the direction they are headed, change routes at the drop of a pin, get a visual picture of their entire route. Start to finish...their destination laid out in front of them.

My daughter; who is a children's librarian, is the same way with books. Although she has digital readers that she uses for traveling...she loved the feel...the smell...the mystery inside the pages of a book. She too...travels to many places through the pages of her books.

Maps...and books are wonderful things. They aid you when destinations all across this country...across the globe.

But like all things...they soon become "old school" and newer...and better things take their place.

Just as the GPS has all but replaced a map.

A GPS does basically the same thing as a help you find your way from point A to point B

But a GPS does a whole lot speaks to notifies you when you have turned the wrong way. If you get lost or take a detour, or get turned around, a GPS will put you back on the correct path.

A GPS will tell you what roads to avoid.......where to stop to fuel up...where to find rest.

If you get off track...if you lose your way, if you take a detour...the GPS will guide you back to the correct path.

Did you know that God has given each of us a MAP? Did you know that God has given each of us a GPS?

God's map is the Bible. It shows us the BIG picture...We open it leads us, it guides us, it show us the way home. We read it...we's all laid out there for us. Start to finish!

God's GPS is God's Plan of Salvation "G.P.S". Your final destination! God's chosen route for our life.

God knows where we every moment of our life...If we get off track, if we lose our way, if we take a detour, if we take the wrong path...God is there! Speaking to us...gently guiding us back to the correct road.

Wherever you travel...pack you MAP...pack your GPS...and hit the road! You may take a few detours...but you can always find your way back home.

Those who wander and not always lost! Go...enjoy...see...all that God has created!

I have been praying for each of you this morning...I pray that you have a blessed and wonderful day!

Hang in are part of these children's G.P.S.!

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