Putting the Pieces Together 

(Puzzle Piece Fundraiser)


Want an easy and intriguing way to raise funds for your children's department, camp, event?

Give the "Putting the pieces together" puzzle campaign a try.

  • Search thru all of your pics to find the "perfect" picture(s)...which will be turned into a puzzle. Give this some thought...select a picture(s) that will represent your cause. For example, if you are raising funds for camp, consider using the camp logo or an awesome picture from last years camp.

  • Decide how much money you will need to raise for your camp, children's department, event...whatever your cause might be.

  • Let's imagine for a moment that you need $1,000.00. If this were the case, you might consider purchasing a 1000 piece puzzle and selling the pieces for $1.00 each...or purchasing 2 - 500 piece puzzles that are set up on different sides of the room.

  • The main requirement here is church participation. If you charge too much for each piece, you will be eliminating a lot of prospective participants.

  • It is better to purchase 2 smaller puzzles rather than one humongous puzzle. 

  • Remember, the more that the pieces cost, the less participation you will have.  Keep each piece as in-expensive as possible.


There are a lot of places on-line to order puzzles from.  Shutterfly is a good one...and they offer discounts all the time...sometimes as much as 50% off.

I recently checked Shutterfly and a 1014 (20X30) piece puzzle was $32.99 and a 520 piece puzzle was $26.39 (16X20) but with the discounts it will be much less! Check other places as well. If you order way in advance...you have lots of options and have time to wait for discounts.  Note: If you cannot afford to order  a puzzle simply use ANY puzzle that you may have...it can be a mystery reveal. Be creative...give you entire campaign a mystery theme, give out clues periodically etc.



  • Assemble the puzzle.

  • Once assembled, remove one piece at a time and place a number on the 

                                                                         back of each puzzle piece.

  • Start at the top left and work around the edges (see diagram below), once you have removed and numbered the outer edge pieces, go around the outer edges again...then again...and again...until all pieces have been numbered. 

  • Each time you remove the outer edges, place those pieces in an individual ziplock bag and number the bag. (Sell the pieces in numerical order so that the puzzle is easily re-assembled.) 


Promote your campaign way in advance. Most people do not carry cash on them. Put in the church bulletin, put it on Facebook and Instagram, pass out flyers as people leave the worship center, create posters, put it on the church website, etc.

Cause a buzz before the campaign begins!

"Putting the Pieces Together," "Help us solve the puzzle," "Reveal the picture," are some slogan ideas to consider. If you come up with some good ones...let me know!


On "GO" day...sell pieces of the puzzle for $1.00 each. The person who purchases the piece will be allowed to put the piece in place...(give them a little guidance). Soon...the big reveal...the puzzle is complete and the funds have been raised!

Note: If you have someone who is a woodworking wizard, it would be a great idea to build a box for the puzzle. Something with a flat bottom and only 1" sides. The puzzle can be assembled inside the box making it movable. It will also help to keep the pieces together...no lost pieces. If you do not have a woodworking wizard, try to find a cardboard box and cut the sides down. 

  If you host your own "Putting the Pieces Together" campaign, please share a few of your ideas and some display board pics. 

I would LOVE to see them!

arleneclark@sbcglobal.net or text to 479-619-9932

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