Resurrection Biscuits

Resurrection Biscuits

"Great Hands-On Activity"

Help your children learn about Jesus' last days on Earth by making resurrection rolls/biscuits. 

Children will roll out the biscuit, hide a marshmallow inside, bake, and find their biscuits empty...just like the tomb.

A delicious treat with an important lesson to teach!

Note: If you do not have an oven at your church, you can make some at home for the kids to enjoy and send the ones they make home to be baked. 

What you will need

  • Biscuits - 1 per child (cans from the dairy section)

  • Rolling pins (They can share a large rolling pin and pass it around).

  • Cinnamon

  • Sugar

  • Butter (Stick kind - to melt)

  • Toothpicks

  • Marshmallows

  • Cookie Sheet(s)

  • Parchment Paper and Waxed Paper

  • Sharpie

Prep Work on the morning that you teach

  • Preheat over to 350 degrees

  • Place a sheet of parchment paper onto the cookie sheet. Write each child's name on the parchment paper (leave lots of room between each name to lay their biscuit...and for the melted marshmallow when it runs out.

  • Pass out one sheet of waxed paper to each child

During this activity, you will have the opportunity to explain each step as you go along. You may add anything to any section below. The teaching is strictly a suggestion. Teach it any way that you feel led.


1. Biscuit

Take out one biscuit and tell the children that the biscuit represents the burial cloth that Jesus was wrapped in. 

Talk about how Jesus’ friends asked for the body and Jesus and how they took Him from the cross and wrapped Him tightly in white linens.

Suggestion: You may want to add actual scripture reference here and have a helper read the scripture when you have finished talking. 

For instance: Mark 15:46 So Joseph bought some linen cloth, took down the body, wrapped it in the linen, and placed it in a tomb cut out of rock.

Don't get ahead of yourself by reading the rest of the scripture verse...stop where necessary.

Allow the children to roll out their biscuits when you have finished talking.

2. Place the Marshmallow inside - The marshmallow represents the body of Jesus. 
It’s white because it stands for purity and His sinless life.

Place the Marshmallow in the Center of the Biscuit and fold the sides around. Wrap tightly

Add scripture verse if desired.

Allow the children to place their marshmallows inside their flattened biscuit and wrap it can't escape.

3. The toothpick - Before Jesus’ friends were allowed to take Him from the cross, the soldiers wanted to make sure that He was dead. So they took a spear and shoved it into Jesus’ side. Jesus was then taken to the tomb and placed inside. A huge rock was placed in front of the tomb.

Add scripture verse if desired.

Allow the children to secure their biscuits with toothpicks...making sure that all edges stay wrapped.

4. Melted Butter and Spices (Cinnamon and sugar mixed together) - Dip the biscuit into the melted butter....and immediately into the spices (sugar and cinnamon mixed together). When done, place your biscuit, on the cookie sheet beside your name.


When Jesus was buried, there was no time to anoint His body…or to rub it with oil…in the Jewish faith, Jesus had to be buried before sundown on the sabbath. So the next morning…after the Sabbath, a group of women went to the tomb so that they could anoint His body. They brought oil….dunk the biscuit in the butter.


And they brought spices…roll in spices.  They did this so that when the body started to decay or rot, the spices would cover the smell. The sweet taste of this spice is a perfect reminder of the gift that Jesus gave to each of us…the sweetest gift we will ever receive…salvation. This means that when Jesus died on the cross, he took the punishment that we deserved. He died on the cross so that our sins could be forgiven…and so that we will be able to go to heaven when we die…to live with God forever and ever and ever.

Add scripture verse if desired.

Allow children to dip their biscuit into the butter and then immediately into the cinnamon spice mixture. When each child is done with their biscuit, they will place it on the cookie sheet beside their name.


5. you close the about the tomb...the rock that was rolled in front of the tomb. Add anything else that you would like to teach while you are waiting for the biscuits to finish.

6. Open the oven - When the women went to the tomb, they weren’t sure HOW they were going to roll the big stone away…it was big…and it was heavy. BUT they didn’t need to worry about that…because at sunrise, a huge earthquake shook the ground…it shook and it rattled…and it made a terrible noise. And an angel came down from Heaven…and rolled the stone away. 

7. If there is any white melted marshmallow goo left inside, you can explain the white

burial cloth that was left behind.

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