Scream and Shout School is Out

Water Shootout



Have your kiddo's round-up their Water Blasters, Water Guns, Water Shooters, Squirt Bottles of anything that will squirt water and get ready for "The Great Water Shoot Out"


Provide the water, a few $1.00 shooters for those who show up without them and a playing field and you are ready to go! 

The cost for this event is minimal.

The clean up is minimal.

The fun is maximum!

Make sure to save your water shooters...they can be used again and again!

It is always a good idea to purchase your shooters at the beginning of Summer. They disappear fast!

Pick up a few extra in case of breakage.

The shooters are durable...but they do occasionally break.


You will also need a few 5-gallon buckets and a water hose for this event!

I normally store the water shooters in one or two of the buckets

after the event.



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