Soup-er Bowl Sunday

(Mission - Little Free Pantry)



Welcome to the Big Game!

Soup-er Bowl Sunday - Boys VS Girls - David VS Goliath (Lesson)

The Soup-er Bowl Sunday event is a competition between the boys and girls.

Each team competes to see who can bring the most cans of soup for the little free pantries in our community (church pantry, etc)

Collection Containers

I painted two 55 gallon drums (barrels) to look like soup for the girls and one for the boys. You can create any collection type containers that you choose. (Old picture below...I could not find a picture of my painted barrels...they look much nicer than the paper-covered barrels that I started with)

Bulletin Board

I purchased a green table cloth (Wal-Mart) that looked like a football field to make a bulletin board out of (not necessary but fun). I set the barrels under the bulletin board so that everyone knew where to drop their cans of soup. (Picture below)


On the big day, teams were allowed to dress in their favorite team gear, wear face paint, etc.

I took pictures of each child as they arrived (in front of the bulletin board). I brought several props to add some fun to our picture taking the time.


Collections: Time Limit

Children were given approx. 2-3 weeks to collect their soup and adults were encouraged to bring extra cans to help their favorite team win. You may choose whatever length of time you wish.

Winning Team/Prizes

At the end of the competition, I gave out little prizes to the winning team. Small foam footballs or pom-pom's (Oriental trading)


Our lesson for the day was David vs Goliath.

Table Decorations and Food

I decorated the tables with the same green table cloths that I mentioned above (or plain green plastic) and we enjoyed chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and chocolate milk.

You may serve whatever you choose...or nothing at all.

January/February is normally cold here in Arkansas so the warm soup is perfect!


I asked several of our youth to help prepare and serve the soup and sandwiches.

Paper Football Game

I also taught the children how to make paper footballs (picture below) and we

 played the "Paper football" game until the parent's arrived.


The soup was distributed between all the "Little Free Pantries" in our community.


Sample Pics


Flyer Sample

Click below to download a FREE template. 

Download and add your own info. to create

a custom flyer!

Click below to download a FREE template. 

Download and add your own info. to create

a custom flyer!

If you host your own "Soup-er Bowl Challenge" event, please share a few of your pics and new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them! or text to 479-619-9932

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