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Stuffed Friends Sleepover

Intro - Sleepover


Not your normal Sleepover

Normally a sleepover requires children to sleepover...but, not at a "stuffed friend" sleepover.


Children show up with their favorite stuffed friend, enjoy an evening of normal "sleepover" activities and then go home...leaving their furry friends behind.

What kind of mischief will the furry friends get into? Well, that is completely up to you!


After the children leave, pose their "furry friends" creating all kinds of mischief...or doing things that friends would normally do together!

Take lots of pictures!

Create a slide show, movie, or simple prints and post them to Facebook.

Kids will LOVE seeing their "besties" having TONS of fun together.

How to Begin - Sleepover

How to Begin

Let's Begin

For a normal "Furry Friends Sleepover" you simply plan an evening of food, games and fun activities. Keep everything as simple as possible.

As for treats, you might want to create something unique. I did a Dr. Seuss event once and planned my treats around the different Dr. Seuss characters. Do some brainstorming and see what you can come up with.

Below are a couple of pics from Dr. Seuss books that would also

work as "Furry Friends" animal treats.



Create a bed/table by placing tables end to end, covering with sheets and creating a headboard and footboard out of foam sheets or thick cardboard. I simply used wide, clear strapping tape, rolled it around my hand (sticky side out), attached it to the prop piece and pressed it tightly to the table. You can put the headboard against a wall and then just worry about attaching the footboard.


The table will become the bed for all the stuffed friends once the event is over.

Kids will listen to a Bible Bedtime story while holding their "furry friends", say prayers with them and put them to bed...before leaving for the evening.


Once the children leave, you can start posing the animals doing all kinds of mischief... or wait until the morning and have loads of fun!!


Hint...start thinking of fun poses NOW! Make a list of ideas so that when you are ready to pose and take pics of the stuffed animals you will have lots of cute ideas ready to go!

Bed-Table - Sleepover
Flyer - Sleepover
Stuffed Animal Sleepover With Date and T
Registration and Name Tag - Sleepover
Registration Form.jpg
Registration Form.jpg
Bedtime Story and Prayer - Sleepover

Bedtime Story

Before the stuffed friends are put to bed, have the children hold them as you read a bedtime lesson from the Bible. This is the perfect event for ANY animal lessons from the Bible.

Noah's Ark may be the perfect lesson because there will be numerous animals at the event.

Once the children have put their animals to bed, have them pray with them...and send them home to sleep.


Kids will pick their animals up the next time your church meets.

Sample Pics - Sleepover

Stuffed Friends Sample Pics

Corona Virus Adaptions - Sleepover

If you are looking for a fun event to do during the Coronavirus, consider doing the animal sleepover portion or, the "at home" portion of this event.

Children may drop their animals off, leave them on their doorstep and request a pickup, or you can send your church bus around to pick up the animals.


Ask everyone to place their animal inside a paper bag and leave on their front step for pickup. Make sure they place their name on the bag.

Parents will need to download a registration form and a name tag form...or you can supply them.


You can have all sorts of fun with the animals...posting pics throughout the entire "stay at home" order or return them to their front porch.

If you keep them, pose them doing some of the same things that the kids would be doing if they were allowed to attend.

If you return the animals, put them back in the bag, put a quarantine "hazard" sticker on the bag (just for fun...and safety) and request that the bag is placed in the garage or back patio/porch to air out.

If you live in an area where you cannot leave your home, ask for parent involvement. Similar to an elf on the shelf except kids and parents will pose their "stuffed friend" doing crazy things, snap a pic and post on-line (your Facebook page).

Put a prize together for the best pic within a certain time frame to encourage participation. 

Some pose ideas:

  • An animal sitting on the sink with a bottle of soap and running water.

  • If you have a stuffed animal of you own that you don't care about, run the bathroom sink full of water and bubble bath bubbles and stick the animal into the water.

  • A big poof of bubbles on one of the animal's head.

  • An animal wearing a mask

  • An animal with hand sanitizer

  • Animals washing down the tables with hand wipes

  • Animals sitting 6' apart

  • Animals doing things that the kids would normally be doing at church

  • Lots of pictures of the animals just having fun and being mischievous. 

  • Animals with toilet paper wrapped around themselves or holding a package of TP.

Make sure to shoot a few video clips for some action shots as well. If you have a rolling cart, have the animals sitting on the cart and the cart rolls past...etc.

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