Thank You Jars

(Mother's Day or Thank You Gifts for Volunteers)

Thank You Jars

The PERFECT gift!

  What better way to show someone how much you care than by putting it into words. 


Several years ago, my daughter gave both my husband and myself "Thank You" Jars.


On the outside, it's just a simple little jar with a "Thank You" tag attached with Rafia but it's what's in the jar that is so special.

Inside are little handmade cards with Thank You notes for something that we had done for her in the past. Wonderful childhood memories!


Each morning, you take one "Thank You" from the jar and read it.


Each morning a new memory!


I have read these Thank You's over and over again...and they always bring a smile to my face!

Try them out with your kiddo's!

Mom's will love them.


Create them for your volunteers!

They will cherish them!

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