The Big Reveal 

(Reverse - Puzzle Piece Fundraiser)


A "Big Reveal" Puzzle Fundraiser is basically a "Puzzle Piece Fundraiser" event in reverse.

  • For this fundraiser, you need to select two pictures. One picture will be turned into a puzzle. The second will be enlarged and used as your reveal picture. The "Big Reveal" picture will be a photo of what you are raising money for. 

  • Consider using your children's logo for the puzzle and a picture of what you are raising money for as the second. For example, if you are raising funds for camp, consider using the camp logo as your reveal picture...or a photo from last year's camp. This photo is called your "reveal picture"

  • Once you have decided on your two prints, order your puzzle (ordering instructions below) and your "big reveal" picture. Your "Big Reveal" picture should be the same exact size as your puzzle. 

  • When your puzzle and photo arrives. Lay your photo on the table (you may want to place it on a piece of cardboard first...for easy moving.

  • Run a piece of two-sided tape around all 4 edges of your photo.

  • Assemble the outer edge of the puzzle "ON TOP" of your reveal photo.

  • This will form a frame for both your picture and your puzzle.

  • Assemble the rest of the puzzle...DO NOT TAPE THESE PIECES. TAPE ONLY THE OUTER EDGES.

  • Sell each piece of the puzzle (You decide on the cost. Take your congregation into consideration...what can they afford?

  • Allow the buyer to remove any piece that they wish to remove from the "BIG REVEAL" puzzle (except for the outer edge) 

  • Make sure to save the removed pieces for another year. 

  • Two-sided tape can be removed or you can tear off the photo if you do not intend to use the same one next time.


There are a lot of places on-line to order puzzles from.  Shutterfly is a good one...and they offer discounts all the time...sometimes as much as 50% off.

I recently checked Shutterfly and 1014 (20X30) piece puzzles were $32.99 and a 520 piece puzzle was $26.39 (16X20) but with the discounts, it will be much less! Check other places as well. If you order way in have lots of options and have time to wait for discounts.  Note: If you cannot afford to order a puzzle simply use ANY puzzle that you may have. If money is tight and you cannot order a "BIG REVEAL" picture then have someone create a drawing for you. It's your event...switch it up however you choose. 



Promote your campaign way in advance. Most people do not carry cash on them. Put in the church bulletin, put it on Facebook and Instagram, pass out flyers as people leave the worship center, create posters, put it on the church website, etc. Cause a buzz before the campaign begins!

Hint: Turn your event into a "mystery" event...give out clues, allow people to guess what the mystery can even allow guesses for a small donation. Members can write down their guess, place the date and time on their guess and drop it into a bucket. Once the "BIG REVEAL" is complete, give out a prize for the first one who guessed correctly.​ Get creative!

Note: If you have someone who is a woodworking wizard, it would be a great idea to build a box for the puzzle. Something with a flat bottom and only 1" sides. The puzzle can be assembled inside the box making it movable. It will also help to keep the pieces lost pieces. If you do not have a woodworking wizard, try to find a cardboard box and cut the sides down. 

  If you host your own "BIG REVEAL" campaign, please share a few of your ideas and some display board pics. 

I would LOVE to see them! or text to 479-619-9932

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