Never Forget Project

(Prayer Mission - Veterans and Active Military)

The Never Forget Project

Veterans and Active Military

Needing a mission project for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, National Military Appreciation Month, etc?

Host a "Never Forget Project" for your children as well as every member of your church.

It's easy

1. Purchase several packages of plastic army men

2. Purchase cans of Red, White and Blue Spray Paint (OPTIONAL) You do not have to paint your army men if you choose not to. 

3. Divide your army men into three groups (OPTIONAL)

4. Paint one group red, one group white and one group blue. Let dry completely, turn over and paint the backs. Let dry! (OPTIONAL)

5. During the "time of remembrance at your church, allow the children to pass out one army man to each person.

6. Instruct members to place their army men in an area where they will notice them often. Each time they see their army men, they are to pray for our veterans, their families and our active military members.


Alternative: Place the army men in a basket with a sign attached (download sample below). 

Place the basket in an area where members will notice and pick up an army man on their way out of the worship center. 


Sample Pics

If you host your own "Never Forget" event, please share a few of your

pics with me...I would LOVE to see them! or text to 479-619-9932

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