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When it's all over...Event documentation

As children's director's/leader's, most of you probably plan events down to the smallest detail. You take maticulous notes, create long "to do" lists and save all of your info on your computers in case you repeat the event again. This is a great practice...the more notes the better.

What many of you may not do is to go back into your file and make notes "AFTER" the event. Taking "after the event" notes can be of great importance the next time you decide to host the event.

Just open your original notes file and make changes, add new notes on what worked, what didn't work, how to make things work better next time, what to add, what to delete, how many kids were present and how many supplies were needed for that particular number of kids. Taking photo's of your event set up is a great resource as well. Before the event begins, go around and take lots of pics of the set up. Save these in your file for next year...a great reference for the future!

I know the urge is to get everything packed away and cleaned up so that you can move onto the next event however, just a few minutes of your time will save you a lot of headaches in the future.

Create a new folder inside of your already created event folder. Title the new folder "Notes for next year" or something similar. Save a copy of your updated notes, all set up pics, a copy of this years flyer (editable version) and a copy of all printable materials (editable version) in your new folder.

This will take a little extra time but will be a HUGE time saver the next time you host this particular event.

FYI: If you see new ideas that you would like to implement (or consider implementing) into your event next year, simply open your notes and add a "new ideas to consider next time" section to the bottom of your page and then re-save.

Have a super blessed day! Keep serving joyfully. I have lifted each of you up in prayer this morning.

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