Everything from free downloads, crafts, recipes, ideas, tips, etc.

Angel- Project Template.jpg

Christmas Angel

Count down the days until Christmas with this adorable Christmas Angel (paper chain) craft. 

LOGO - My Design.jpg

Paint and Praise

Paint and Praise


How is Being a pumpkin poem.jpg

Being A Christian

Free Downloadable Flyer 

"How Is Being A Christian"

Combine with the Pumpkin Carving Salvation Lesson (Under Lessons Tab) for extra impact!


Campfire Cones

What's better than an oooey-gooey campfire cone? Nothing! And you don't even have to build a campfire to enjoy!

Website Pic.jpg

Baseball Cross Craft

Everyone Commits Errors but His SACRIFICE will get your HOME.

Round up some old baseballs and create this beautiful reminder to hang on the wall. The perfect gift, VBS craft or summertime craft!


Easter - Salvation

Looking for something cute to pass out to your kiddos for Easter?  Simply download the PDF, cut it out, wrap it around a full-size Hershey bar and tape. That's it. Easy Peasy. The Plan of Salvation on the inside makes this gift a perfect outreach/witnessing tool as well.


Hershey Wrapper

Looking for something cute to pass out to your kiddos for Valentine's Day? Simply download the PDF, cut it out, wrap it around a full-size Hershey bar and tape. That's it. Easy Peasy. Simply way to show the children how much you...and God... love them. Great for volunteer gifts as well.  


Spa Day

Who doesn't like a spa day? Treat your girls to a fun and relaxing day where they are pampered and made to feel special.

Photo Flyer.jpg

Photo Booth

Draw families to your Facebook page or church website by setting up a photo booth at your event. Pass out flyers to direct participants to your website in order to view, download, save, or share their pics.


I Feel Beautiful

Building good self-esteem for our young people should be a vital part of our ministry. Doing this one thing is a game changer!


Friendship T's

Create these cute "Friendship T's" at camp or for any event. A perfect souvenir of times when friends have gathered. 

Coming Soon

Pool Noodle Sabers

Coming Soon


Snow Cones

Why pay lots of money and go on a wild goose chase looking for snow cone syrup when you can make it yourself? Whip up a batch...or two...or three for a fraction of the cost of store-bought syrup...and no wild goose chases!


Easter Activity

Download this AWESOME family Easter Activity Sheet (2 Pages) and share the true meaning of Easter.

This 7-day activity sheet will help parents explain the days leading up to Resurrection Sunday. Scripture, Interactive resources, hands on fun!


Jesus Loves Me

Create a unique heart boy/girl using simple craft items. Add hats, bows, etc for

one-of-a-kind Valentine gift.

Copy, Cut and Paste

Fun for any age!

Sweet message!

Coming Soon

Giant Dice

Coming Soon

Oil and Water Don't Mix - My Object Less

Oil VS Water

Oil Fears Water.

Sin VS Salvation.

Easy object lesson using 4 simple items found around most homes.

I Love You To the Moon.jpg

Porch Drop

Valentine's Day Porch Drop

Download this cute Valentine's Day tag and attach it to a box of moon pies or star crunch for a one-of-a-kind unique Valentine's Day gift. There are several different tags on this one-click PDF download!


Easter Invite

Needing an easy way for kids to invite their friends to church on Easter Sunday? Create these simple "single invite" eggs and send a few eggs home with each child. 

Caught you serving logo.jpg

Caught Serving

Encourage "serving others"(outreach) with this fun recognition slide. Any time that a child is caught "doing good" they will receive the "You were caught you serving the Lord" award and recognition.

Coffee Cup - Happy Mothers Day 4-   - Fi

Mother's Day

Mother's Day Hot Chocolate or Coffee Cup Wrapper.  Personalize your 12 oz.cups with one of the 22 FREE downloadable cup wrappers to give your event that finishing touch! Just download, print, cut and wrap!

Open Your Heart and be of Good Cheer Poe

New Year's Day

New Years' - Porch Drop.

Drop off a gift bag/box with confetti (or mini confetti popper), party horns, balloons, etc. to help the children ring in the new year.

We're Nuts About You.jpg

Father's Day

Perfect gift for Father's Day. Download, print and attach the above tag to a bag, can or jar of nuts. What dad isn't "Nuts" about nuts?

The best way to dye super vibrant Easter

Egg Dying

If you are planning on coloring eggs with your kiddo's try using a whisk. Just stick the egg inside the wires and dip the egg into the dye.

Donut Drop Off.jpg

Donut Drop

Drop off small packages of powdered donuts, chocolate donuts, coconut donuts, donut holes, bags of donuts or a gift card to your local donut shop. Let your families know that you are thinking of them.

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Left-Right Game

Christmas left-right ornament game. Children will hear the Christmas story and pass their gift to the left or right each time they hear the words "left" or "right.

Everyone takes home a gift!


David Vs Goliath

Looking for a way to teach your children about faith? About trusting God in times of trouble? About how God is BIGGER than anything? Check out this fun craft/game that children can create and play at church or at home!


Don't Touch

Don't Touch Your Face, Hands or Mouth 

Free Downloadable Flyer


Scripture Cookies

Want to add something new and exciting into your lesson time? Why not go through the Bible on and "ingredient" scavenger hunt. Children will solve the clues by searching provided scripture references and adding each ingredient into their cookie recipe.  

Kisses and Hugs Flyer - Us and We... Lov

Hugs & Kisses Drop

Drop off "HUGS drinks and Hershey Kisses" to each child's home.

Let them know that you are thinking of them!

Get Egg-scited Front - Yellow - Version

You've Been Egged

Easter Invite

Words of Your Mouth- Logo.jpg
Click Here

Words of our Mouth

Take advantage of the "mask" wearing situation that we are in to teach your kiddo's the importance of the words that they speak and about being kind to one another. 


Jelly Bean Guess

Get ready for a Jelly bean competition. Just fill a jar with jelly beans and you're all set.


Cover Your Mouth

Cover Your Mouth

Free Downloadable Flyer

Wear a Mask.jpg

Wear a Mask

Wear a Mask

Free Downloadable

Hygiene Flyer

Don't Spread Germs.jpg

Don't Spread Germs

Don't Spread Germs

Free Downloadable Hygiene Flyer/Poster

DIY Liquid Hand Soap.jpg

Soap DIY

Create Your Own Liquid Hand Soap by using 1 bar of soap and 1 gallon of water.

LOGO - My Design.jpg

Pancakes/Pop Tarts

Hosting a "Pancakes and Pajamas" or a "Pop-Tarts and Pajamas" Event?

Use these cute flyers to promote and build excitement for your event!

Hershey Wrapper - My Design - Pastor Appreciation - Closeup.jpg

Pastor Appreciation

Pastor Appreciation Day Looking for something cute for Pastor Appreciation Day? Simply download the PDF, cut it out, wrap it around a full-size Hershey bar and tape. That's it. Easy Peasy. 2 Designs to choose from.


Fall Bucket List

Printable Fall Bucket List

Looking for some fun fall activities? Why not take advantage of all the exciting things that "Fall" has to offer.

Download and print this cute bucket list...loaded with TONS of fun activities.

Willy Wonka Day - October 1st.jpg

Willy Wonka Day

Encourage attendance by celebrating Willy Wonka Day throughout the month of October.

Who will get the golden



Bunk Signs

Bunk Signs

Camp Craft

Made from twigs, yarn, pebbles, acorns, seeds...or anything that the kids can scavenger up. 

Ice Cream In A Bag Flyer.jpg

Ice Cream In A Bag

What's more yummy than homemade ice cream in a bag? Absolutely nothing!

Ice Cream in 5+- minutes!


Scripture Lanterns 

Jesus is the Light

Children will select their favorite "Jesus is the light" reference scripture and use it to create their very own scripture lanterns.


Thank You Jars

Looking for a unique gift for Mother's Day?

Check out these Thank You Jars...Perfect for moms or for anyone that you would like to say Thank You to!


Marker Tie-Dye

A new twist on the traditional tie-dyed t-shirt. Craft uses permanent markers, alcohol and an old t-shirt. 

Coming Soon

Glow Bubble Sabers

Coming Soon


Painted Lanterns

Jesus is the Light Craft 

Battery Operated Lanterns

Simple craft using items that you probably already have at your church.


Prayer Journal

Prayer Journals

Perfect craft for camp or any Bible Series.

All you need is a composition notebook and some simple craft items.


Pastor Appreciation

Just "Popping In" Pastor Appreciation Day!

Ugly Fall Sweater Day - Slide.jpg

Ugly Sweater Comp

Fall is here so why not host an ugly fall sweater competition.

Host an "in-person" event or challenge all of your families with a little "online" competition.


Budget Tips

On a small budget but have a BIG imagination? Check out these money-saving tips to stretch your budget and imagination.

Easter Story Cookies - Coverpage.jpg

Easter Cookies

Celebrate Easter by making these delicious Easter Story Cookies with your kids. This activity can be sent home as part of a family fun night, used as a porch drop or take home, can make them at church using a pan of cookies baked the night before as your end product.

An interactive Easter lesson is included!

Page 3.jpg

Printable Valentines

Show the children how much you miss them with these "sweet" Valentine's Day Cards. Just click, download, print, and send/deliver. There are 8 Valentine's Day cards to choose from.

John 15 12.jpg

Customized Cards

Celebrate Valentine's Day by hosting a memory verse competition. 14 "Love" verses that teach how to love your neighbor, your spouse, your friends, and God. 

Resurrection Egg BoxTop - Title Page.jpg

Resurrection Eggs

The Easter Story...Told with a  box of plastic eggs. Just fill each egg (12) with simple objects...most are readily available items that you have around your house and a few printable pictures that are provided. Just grab an empty egg carton, fill 12 eggs, print out the information sheet and you are all set.

Pixie Stix - Tag 4 - Single.jpg

Pixie Stick Tag

Looking for a Drive-Thru Fall Festival Idea? Pass out Pixie Stix Sticks with this "Sweet" Prize Tag. Just download, print on card stock, punch holes and attach glow stick...You're all set to go!

Easy, safe handout!

teapot-card-template FINAL.jpg

Mother's Day Craft

Looking for a fun and easy way to recognize your mom's on Mother's Day? How about a way to say Thank You to your volunteers? Check out this cute teapot craft...just in time for Mother's Day!

Tag 2 - Glow Sticks - Single.jpg

Glow Stick Tag

Looking for a Drive-Thru Fall Festival Idea? Pass out Glow Sticks with this "Bright" Prize Tag. Just download, print on card stock, punch holes and attach glow stick...You're all set to go!

Easy, safe handout!

My Design - Turn Back.jpg

Daylight Savings 

Remind your church families to turn their clocks back one hour with this cute little reminder!

Post it straight to your Facebook Page, Website, Bulletin or Print outs.

Crayon Tag - 10.jpg

Back to School

Send them Back to School with a box of "Multicultural" or "Colors of the World" crayons in their backpacks. Show them that God made all the children of the world...and that they are each unique!

How could you have handled the situation

Golden Rule Drop

The Golden Ruler Bag.

Create bags filled with a golden ruler, situation cards to encourage family discussion, bookmark, backpack tag, and more! Show your families that you are thinking of them.

Wash Your Hands Poem.jpg

Bubbles Drop

Encourage hand washing with this fun "Bubbles" porch drop.

Show families that you are thinking of them...even during difficult times.

Cookie Kits Logo (18).jpg

Cookie Kit

Looking for another unique porch drop or handout?

Check this out!

Do It Yourself Cookie Kits. Cookie Kits can be dropped off for any holiday.

Click Here

Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread Starter.

A perfect craft for "Bring a Twin Friend," "Friendship Day" or any other events revolving around friendship!

Just Popped In.jpg
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Popcorn Drop

Leave a box of popcorn and a "Just Popped In notecard on each families doorstep. Let them know that you are thinking of them.


Play Dough

Looking for a tried and true playdough recipe that has been around for many years? Check out this one.  

Photo Final.jpg
Click Here

Bubble Bath Gift

Create a sweet-smelling gift for mom's, grandma's, sisters, aunts or any special lady in a child's life. Poem may be altered for Valentines Day, Christmas Day, Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, Birthdays, etc. 

Chocolate Cake Logo.jpg

Box Cake Witness

Send home boxes of chocolate cake mix, white frosting, and the attached downloadable witnessing activity to encourage family fun while learning.

Park and Pray Every Day - Stepping out.j

P.P.E Park and Pray

Park and Pray Every Day. 

Encourage your church (or community) to get involved by praying for our children, teachers and leaders.

Put on your P.P.E.


No-Cook Playdough

Looking for an easy no-cook playdough recipe that will last for up to 6 months. Check out this one. 

Click Here

Resurrection Biscuits

Resurrection Rolls

Help your children learn about Jesus' last days on Earth by making resurrection rolls/biscuits. ​

Keep Your Circle Small.jpg

Keep Circle Small

Keep Your Circle Small

Free Downloadable Hygiene Flyer/Poster

Social Distancing Final.jpg

Social Distance

Social Distancing 

Free Downloadable Flyer

Flyer 3.jpg

Let's "Taco" bout

Hosting a "Taco" event? Download some of these logos to get you started.

Let's "Taco" bout Jesus

Let's "Taco" bout volunteers

Let's "Taco" bout Children's Ministry

Let's "Taco" bout ministry


Smore' Treats

Keep the kids coming back each week by doing a camping or campfire series...complete with yummy S'more treats that they create themselves.

Bag Tag.jpg

The Great Pumpkin

Create these cute bags filled with lots of goodies. Each bag addresses topics such a being unique, diversity, the plan of salvation. Etc. Great as a  porch drop, hand out, or take home.


Campfire Bananas

Oooey, gooey, incredibly easy, campfire bananas!

Just slice open, fill with treats, wrap in foil and toss in the oven or campfire...

Easy and Delicious Treat!


Scarecrow Competition Flyer - Stepping O

Scarecrow Capers

Looking for some new ideas for October? Look no further!

The Great Scarecrow Capers is the perfect 3 in one activity.


Father's Day

Looking for something cute for your children to pass out on Father's Day? Simply download the PDF, cut it out, wrap it around a full-size Hershey bar and tape. That's it. Easy Peasy. 


Chalk Thoughts

Chalk Thoughts

Keep a small chalkboard on hand and ask the children what their "take away" from the day was. 

Cute Portrait opportunity. Great to take to camp and ask the children for their takeaway from each day.

Hershey Wrapper - My Design Thank You -

Thank You

Do you have a child that doesn't have a father?  Download these amazing "father figure" labels and create "Thank you for investing in me" bars. Children will give a bar to someone who has been influential in shaping their lives.

Back to School.jpg

Back to School

30 Back to School Ideas, Events and Activities


Giant Ice Block

Looking for a "unique"

way to cool off this summer?

Check out this "Giant" Ice Block. Perfect addition to any outdoor summer activity.


Adaptable for any outdoor event.

Bag with chalk - Editable.jpg

Promotion Week

Welcome children who are promoting into your classroom with a "Welcome to the Children's Department" Bag. Just print and glue the label to a paper bag, attach a balloon, fill it with goodies and include the two free parent printables. That's it!


No Bake Cookies

Thinking about teaching a "Cooking Class?

These No-Bake Oatmeal Cookies are the BOMB!

Go on a scavenger hunt through the Bible to solve ingredient clues.

Photo 1.jpg

I Spy 

Treasure hunt in a bottle

Very versatile craft...use when teaching on Paul's shipwreck, Rahab, spying out Canaan or any beach/sea lesson. 

 You can even use it as a VBS beach craft. 


Hours of fun. Can you find all 20 items?

Coming Soon

Tie Dyed Shirts

Coming Soon


Time, Talent, Tithes

 Create these sweet

t-shirts. A fun, and creative way to teach the children about the importance of giving of their

Time, Talents and Tithes!


Heart Handprint

Create a cute heart handprint card for mom and dad, grandma or grandpa or aunts or uncles using nothing more than a little paint, a brush, a piece of paper and a child's hand.

Page 2 - Bitmoji.jpg

Customized Cards

Wanting something a little more personalized. Print out these "sweet" Valentine's Day cards, add your own Bitmoji or Avatar, and hand-deliver/mail them to each of your kiddos. Simply imagine your face on each card...instead of mine. :)

You're One Sweet Cookie.jpg

Valentine's Day

Download one of the cute Valentine's Day tags and attach it to a box of Little Debbie Valentines Day treats, a Box of Conversation Hearts, etc and drop one off to each sweet child.


Mother's Day

What mom doesn't like chocolate-covered strawberries? Whip up a batch and hand them out to mom's on Mother's Day. Check out our Hot Chocolate Bar evet as well. You can find it under the events tab. 

Tick Tock.jpg

Daylight Savings

Get ready to spring forward with this "Tick Tock...Tickety Tock It's time to move up your clock" remider.

Downloadable PDF and JPG is available for use with any multi-media format. Avoid latecomers with this handy reminder.

Putting God First.jpg

Putting God First

Memorable Object Lesson.

Teach the children that by putting God first, everything else just seems to fall into place. Simple Object lesson using a jar, rice and a tennis ball (or anything round).


Fall Craft

Flashback Fun

Bring a little of the outdoors...indoors with this fun family activity. Gather the family, go on a "colorful" leaf hunt, and then create your very own "original" Thanksgiving placemats. 

Walk You Dog Day - October 1st.jpg

Walk Your Dog Day

Draw families to your Facebook page by celebrating National "Walk Your Dog Day." Families will snap a pic of their dog and share it on your Facebook page. Stuffed puppy pics are welcome as well!


Lolly Pop Tag

Looking for a Drive-Thru Fall Festival Idea?

Pass out Lolly Pops Sticks

with this "Cute Prize Tag. 

Just download, print on

card stock, punch holes and

attach glow stick.

Gummy Bear - Porch - Drop and Go.jpg

Gummy Bear Drop

Leave a bag of gummy bears and a "Can't Wait To Give You A Big Bear Hug" notecard on each families doorstep. Let them know that you are thinking of them.

Tag 3- Pencils - Sing;e.jpg

Pencil Tag

Looking for a Drive-Thru Fall Festival Idea? Pass out fun pencils with this "Colorful" Prize Tag. Just download, print on card stock, punch holes and attach glow stick...You're all set to go!

Easy, safe handout!

Moon Pie - Porch - Drop and Go.jpg
Click Here

Moon Pie Drop

Leave a box of moon pies and a "I'm Over The Moon For You" notecard on each families doorstep. Let them know that you are thinking of them!

Lunch and Learn.jpg

Lunch and Learn

Drop off a "Brown Bag Special" lunch to your kiddo's and enjoy a "Zoom" lunch and devotion time with them. 

Keep lunches simple and enjoy time together.


Creative Fonts

Create amazing flyers, slides, and literature by using fun and creative fonts.

Want to know how to add new fonts to your computer?


Christmas Nail - Photo.jpg

The Christmas Nail

Teach the children the true meaning of Christmas with this Christmas Nail ornament. This ornament to be hung on a sturdy branch near

the trunk of your Christmas tree. A reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made for each of us!


Easter Object Lesson

Turn Christ's amazing sacrifice into a memorable teaching moment by re-creating the nail marks on each child's hand.

Send the children home with the knowledge that "Christ died for them!"

Wash Hands.jpg

Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands

Free downloadable flyer

Thank You.jpg

Thank You

Looking for a creative way to thank your volunteers, teachers, or leaders?

Download and frame this beautiful poem to show them how much you appreciate all of their hard work and dedication. 

MY Dad - Rock Paper Weight.jpg
Click Here

My Dad Rocks

An awesome gift for Father's Day. Just give each child a rick and allow them to create a custom rock paper weight for their dad. Attach the "My Dad Rocks" tag and you are all set!

Last Day of School - No CR - My Design.jpg

Back to School

Back To School

Welcome children's back to  school or into the Children's department with a Back to School Party and special pics

Click Here

Easter Scavenger

Easter Nature Scavenger Hunt

Discover the true meaning of Easter by taking your kiddos on a nature walk/scavenger hunt?