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Children's Events

February Birthdays.jpg


Celebrate your children's special day with one of these cute "Happy Birthday Baby" designs. Use them in your powerpoints, create postcards with them, etc. 

Flyer - Scream and Shout - School is Out

Scream and Shout

Get ready for 8 weeks of wet, wild and messy fun! 8 Exciting events! Includes free downloads, postcards and devotions.

Pi Day Flyer.jpg

National Pi Day

Looking for something different for Daylight Savings Time (March 12th), Skip the usual (DST) activities and celebrate National Pi Day instead (March 14th). Order some pizza and have a costume "Math Nerd" or "Albert Einstein" look alike competition. Give each person who enters the competition an extra slice of Pi-zza Pi-e.

Upside Down and Backwards Day Slide.jpg

Backwards Day

Daylight Savings Time Ends!

Looking for new to celebrate the ending of Daylight Savings Time? Try an Upside Down and Backwards Day where everything is a little bit...wacky!

Hot Chocolate Bar -  Valentine's day.jpg

Hot Chocolate Bar

What better way to use up those bits and pieces of Christmas goodies than to turn them into a Valentines Day Hot Chocolate Bar? Crush up those peppermints, use up those baking bits, pull out that leftover whipped cream...and indulge in a delicious cup of hot chocolate! 

Me and My Shadow.jpg

Twin Friend Day

Encourage your kiddos to “Bring a FRIEND” for Valentine's Day!

Not just any friend...A Twin Friend!

Super Selfie Scavenger Hunt Cover Page.j

Scavenger Hunt

Super Selfie Scavenger Hunt Challenge your children to a 30 Day on-line Super Selfie Scavenger Hunt.

Stuff The Bus - School Supply Drive - Blue.jpg

Stuff the Bus

The new school year will be here before you know it and there will be LOTS of children in need of school supplies.

Host a "Stuff the Bus" school supply drive in your community and help families...or teachers obtain supplies that are needed.

Flyer - Website.jpg

Shave Cream Wars

Shave Cream Wars

National Watermelon Day - Family Flyer.jpg

Watermelon Day

August 6th, 2022 is National Watermelon Day. Celebrate by hosting a Family Fun Day for the entire church or a children's event with seed spitting contest, pass the watermelon, watermelon eating competition and much more! 

School is Cool - Ice Cream Blast.jpg

Back to School Blast

Send them back to school with an Ice Cream Blast. Create a giant sundae, make ice cream in a bag or churn your own ice cream. The sky's the limit.


Downtown Carnival

Planning a downtown carnival, festival, or parade? Looking for some fun and creative ways to get your church noticed? Check out these GREAT ideas!


Back to School Blast

Send them back to school with an Ice Cream Blast...complete with a FREE Color Changing Spoon! Serve Sundae's, Banana Splits or any Ice cream treat you choose!

Black Out Sunday Slide.jpg

Black Out Sunday

The Sunday following a major holiday is always a noisy and active day...and when the holiday lands on a Saturday, you know that the following day is going to be wild!

You can change this but simply changing the lighting, the seating arrangement, and all the "things as usual" routine.

Hot Chocolate Flyer - 1.jpg

Hot Chocolate Bar

It's getting cold outside and what better way to keep warm than with a nice hot cup of chocolate?

Create a 20' Hot Chocolate Bar with tons of toppings, kick off a winter mission, go caroling and then warm up afterward, or simply enjoy a chocolatey cup of cocoa...anytime!

Cupcake Wars Slide - NO DATE.jpg

Cupcake Wars

An entire evening of baking, decorating and competing. for the ultimate title of

 Cupcake Wars Champion!

Super Duper Giant Bubble Night Slide.jpg

Giant Bubble Night

What could be more fun than bubbles? GIANT BUBBLES of course!

Nerf Wars Slide.jpg

Nerf Wars

Nerf Wars

Dog Days Logo.jpg

Dog Days of Summer

Dogs Days of Summer

How do you keep your rambunctious kids out of trouble? By celebrating man’s best friend!

Egg-stra Slimy Egg Night - Event.jpg


Whose Ready for a Super Messy  Egg Fight?

Perfect event for teaching on the messes that we sometimes find ourselves in...and the one who helps us to "clean it all up."

Craz Hair Day.jpg

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy Hair Day and Corona Hair We Don't Care events,

Anyone can have a crazy hair day...celebrate by hosting a Crazy Hair Day Competition!

Flyer - Website with Date.jpg

Spring Forward

Children enjoy cereal in their PJ's and receive their very own SLINKY to celebrate Springing the clocks forward.

Craz Hat Day.jpg

Crazy Hat Day

Host a "Crazy Hat" night family-style. Families will create their own hats using items that they already have around the house.

Fishing With The Pastor - Website.jpg


Coordinate with your Pastor, Men's Group, or fishing buffs at your church to create a memorable fishing experience for your kids. This is one event that they will definitely remember.


Pancakes w/ Pastor

Engage your Pastor by hosting a "Pancakes with the Pastor" morning! The perfect way for the children to meet and interact with the Pastor.

Food Fight - Website.jpg

Food Fight 

It's Food Fight Night!

Clean our your fridges and get ready for the biggest food fight ever!

Let's Go Fly a Kite.jpg

Kite Day

Flying High With Jesus!

Family Kite Day!

Celebrate on Easter Sunday or any Spring or Fall (windy) day!

Splish Splash Slide.jpg

Splish Splash Blast

Splish Slash Summer Blast

11 Weeks of wet and wacky summer fun! Includes free flyer downloads.

Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt - Clues Only.jpg

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Looking for a meaningful Easter event? Try an Easter Nature Walk and Scavenger Hunt. Easy and Memorable Event


Valentine's Day Pics

Add a photo booth to any event and get ready for fun! fun! fun! 

Set up the booth, provide a few props and let the kids do the rest. Download 11 pages of free props by clicking the link above.

Rock and Roll Into The New Year Slide 2022.jpg

Rock And Roll

Rock And Roll Into The New Year. The event can be hosted any time of the year by simply changing the name.

Blessing the Backpacks2.jpg

Backpack Blessings

It's that time of year again...time for school to begin. Send your children back to school with prayers for a safe and successful year of learning.

Back to School Splash 2022.jpg

Back to School Splash

Planning a "Back to School" trip to the Water Park, City Pool or even a private pool event?

Download this FREE Back to School Splash flyer and start planning NOW! 

No pool available? No problem, simply plan your own Back to School event by using this flyer and my FREE Water Olympics activity.


Lemonade Day

Celebrate National Lemonade Day with a refreshing  lemonade treat while encouraging your children to memorize the Fruit of the Spirit! Great way to make learning FUN! FREE Generic PDF is also included so that you can host your own Lemonade Day...anytime!

Junk to Jewels - Slide - Editable2.jpg

Junk 2 Jewels

Gather up all the junk you can find and get ready for an unforgettable  "Junk 2 Jewels" Family fun night or stand alone children's event. Each family/child will use "Junk" to create a one of a kind masterpiece. 

National Ice Cream Day.jpg

Family - Ice Cream

July 17th is National Ice Cream Day. Celebrate the day by hosting a Bring your own topping family event.


Outside the Box 

Think Outside the Box. This event can be done as a Family Fun Day or a Children's event. Graphics for both are included. Simply fill the box with odds and ends and send home. Families/children will create a "One of a Kind" item and submit a photo for a chance to win a prize, a homemade trophy, certificate or simply the title of "Champion" You can repeat this event as often as you like by using a different  theme or medium. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Summer, etc. etc.

12 Days of Christmas Porch Drop - Flyer.

12 Days of Christmas

The Twelve Days of Christmas 
Get ready for 12 AMAZINGLY fun days when you host a 12 Days of Christmas event.

Copy of All The Colors of the Rainbow Fi

All The Colors

12 Weeks of Summer Fun

Art Hearts Sample D.jpg

Heart Map

It's Date Night

A visual art collaboration that represents all the things you care about as a couple.

Decadent valentine treats at each art station.

Ice Cream Sundae Website.jpg

Ice Cream Sundae

World's Largest Ice Cream Sundae

Bring a Twin Friend - Stepping Out.jpg

Bring A Twin Friend

Encourage your kiddos to “Bring a FRIEND” for friend day!

Not just any friend...A Twin Friend!


Kool Aid Wars

Grab some water shooters, several packages of Kool-Aid and water and you are ready for Kool-Aid Wars.

Water Olympics Slide - Website.jpg

Water Olympics

Water Olympics

Get ready to get wet!

It's water, water everywhere on Water Olympics Day!


Paint Slip 'N Slide

Slip and Slide with a Twist - Event can be done as a simple SLIP & Slide activity if desired


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Hot Chocolate Bar

and Silly Pics


All Pets Summer

Looking for something unique this summer? Check out these "All Pets" activities!


Stuffed Friends

Stuffed Friends Sleep Over

The sleepover with a twist. Children will go home while stuffed friends stay behind. What mischief will they get into?

SlideTouch a Truck FREE.jpg
Coming Soon

Touch a Truck

- Coming Soon -

Firetrucks, Police, Dozers, 4 Wheelers, etc. Touch, Climb on Board each vehicle


The Big Freeze

What do you get when you cross a giant ice block, ice cream in a bag and other cold activities? The Big Freeze! Perfect fun for a hot day!


Wacky Waffles

Daylight Savings Time

When time goes wacky what do you do?

Have a Wacky Waffle Morning of course!


777 Day

Looking for a fun mid-summer activity? Try hosting a 777 day.

07/07 @7:07...7 Games in 77 Minutes. You can host this event at different times by simply switching the numbers to fit the day and month.


Summer Round Up

Rootin' Tootin'

Summer Roundup

12 Weeks of Rootin' Tootin' Summer Fun!

Logo - Website.jpg

Slime Zone Summer

Slime Zone Summer

10 Weeks of Oooey, Gooey, Slimy Summer Fun!


Holy Week - Family Selfie Event

Want a fun and unique way to teach your children and families the true meaning of Easter? Why not send them on a Family Selfie Adventure!

Noise Night - Slide 2019.jpg

Noise Night

Bucket band, barrel bash, etc. Anything that makes noise

Super Hero Move Up Day.jpg

Move Up Day

Needing some fun ideas for Promotion Day/Move up Day? Try an Up! Up! and Away event...everyone will dress in Super Hero Cape, Mask, etc and give their fellow students a "Super" farewell. Several different ideas are included in free download. Just click on the link above to see all the exciting ideas!

Park and Pray Every Day - Stepping out.jpg

Park and Pray

Park and Pray Every Day. 

Encourage your church (or community) to get involved by praying for our children, teachers and leaders.

LOGO - My Design - POPTARTS - Slide.jpg

Pop Tarts and PJ

Hosting a "Pop-Tarts and Pajamas or a "Pancakes and Pajamas" Event?

Use these cute flyers to promote and build excitement for your event!

Welcome to Summer - Messy Fun Night Slid

Welcome to Summer

Kick off your summer right with a wild and crazy "Messy Fun Night" Kids will LOVE you for it!

Willy Wonka Day - October 1st.jpg

Willy Wonka Day

Encourage attendance by celebrating Willy Wonka Day throughout the month of October.

Who will get the golden


New Flyer - February Valentines Day.jpg


Wonders of Winter Wildlife 

Build and paint “Love Nests” for all of our feathered “Love Bird” friends, making feeder crafts, and learning about many of our woodland friends!

DOWN on the Farm Logo.jpg

Down on the Farm

13 Weeks of Summer Fun...Down on the Farm!

Perfect for Wednesday Summer Fun Nights.

Don't Be A Turkey...Just Say Thanks (I created).jpg

Don't Be A Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and what better time to teach the children about "giving thanks"?


Paint Wars

Tempera, Powder Paint, Water/Paint Shooters


Pizza Paint & Praise

Pizza, Paint and Praise

Get your creativity on while enjoying Pizza and Praise Music


Slime Night 

Slime Night

Get Ready to be


Saturday Morning Retro Cartoons

Retro Cartoon Day

Get ready for all of your favorite vintage cartoons characters at our "Saturday Morning Retro Cartoon" event. 


Water Shootout

Get ready for Water Wars/Shootout!

Super Soakers, water squirters, water guns...or even a squirt bottle will do.

Get Ready to Get Wet!

St. Patricks Day Slide 2019.jpg

Shamrock Shakes

St. Patrick's Day

Shamrock Shakes and Silly Pics

Mud Day - Website.jpg

Mud Days


Adopt a Pet.jpg

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet

Stuffed Animal Adoption. Complete with FREE Adoption Certificate downloads.


Where's Wally?


The real question should

be ...Where "isn't" Wally?​Community Family Event. 


Petting Zoo

Kick-off your "ALL PETS" Summer by hosting a petting zoo.


A Day on the Ranch

Ya-Hoo! We're headed to the ranch.  (Ranch, Farm, Zoo, Petting Zoo, or even a hobby farm). Never underestimate what you can learn...from an animal.


Flippin' Pancakes

Daylight Savings Time 

When time goes flip-flop, what do you do? Have a Flippin' Pancake day of course!

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