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Down on the Farm/Ranch
Mission Event

Saddle Up, We're Headed to the Farm/Ranch

If you want a better world, teach your children to leave nothing but kindness behind.

Each year, we are fortunate enough to be able to serve at a local Ranch in our area.

This ranch ministers to horses (and other animals) that have been abandon or abused well as at-risk youth.

Each animal has a story...a history that is shared with each child that visits the ranch.

We normally visit twice a year...once to serve and help on the ranch and again to simply have a fun day with the animals.

NEVER underestimate the power that an animal has on a child...and a child on an animal.

Find a ranch, a farm, a zoo, or even someone who simply has a hobby farm with a few animals that the children can enjoy.


Teach your children to be kind to others...kind to animals...and kind to themselves.

Just look at the LOVE on these faces!

Wouldn't you love to know what is going through this little guy's mind as he seems to be in deep thought; or prayer while grooming his horse?

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