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Sidewalk Chalk Challenge 

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Jesus is Alive

Sidewalk Chalk Challenge


Whip out the chalk and get ready for some AMAZING creations.

This challenge is super easy.

  • Purchase a box of chalk for each child (Dollar store or Dollar General is perfect). (If your budget is small, place 3 pieces of chalk inside each ziplock bag and attach's all good! 

  • Attach challenge tag

  • Send your littles out to create some breathtaking Easter art on their sidewalk.

  • Children/parents will take photos of their creations and text them to you.

  • Creations are placed on Facebook.

  • A winner is selected.

  • A prize is presented.

                                                             NOW, HOW EASY IS THAT?

Budget saving idea

  • Watch for after Easter sales and snag printed plastic Easter goodie bags for almost nothing! The next time you do this event, you can drop 3 pieces of chalk inside the goodie bag and twist tie it to close...cute!)

  • Watch for end of summer sales and grab up some sidewalk chalk

Challenge your entire well as surrounding communities by hosting an "Easter Sidewalk Chalk - Community Competition"

   This event is the perfect outreach event...It costs nothing to put on...except for a prize. 

  • Post the event/challenge on-line.

  • Make sure to include the words "Open to the public...anyone can play!"

  • Share, share, share your post!

  • Do a Facebook blast. (A Facebook blast is simply when everyone at your church shares your post at the same time). Doing a Facebook blast during announcement time is the perfect time to have everyone pull out their phones, log on and share your Facebook post. 

  • Allow your challenge to run for 2 weeks (optional).

  • Participants will create a sidewalk chalk creation and snap a few pics.

  • All participants will then text their creation pics to you.

  • All entries are posted on Facebook.

  • At the end of the two weeks, select a winner or run a contest and allow others to vote.

  • Announce the winner and invite everyone to attend Easter Sunday Service.

  • Award the prize....winner will pick up their prize from the church. Make sure that the staff knows where the prize is located. 

  • Take a pic of the winner with their prize and post on Facebook.

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Editable Facebook Invitation

Add your own information on the bottom of the downloaded slide 

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Editable Bag Tag - Insert your own text.

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