Who's Ready for a Super Messy  Egg Fight?

This is a great event for teaching about the messes that we sometimes find ourselves in...and the one who helps us to "clean it all up."

Select any character from the Bible that truly made a mess of their lives (Saul perhaps) and teach the children that no matter how big of a mess we make in our lives...God is there; ready to forgive, and ready to help us "clean  up the mess." 

Game Ideas:


Egg Bop 

1 Raw Egg Per Child, 1 Knee High (XXXL) Hose Per Child, 1/3 Pool Noodles Per Child  (Cut into thirds)

(Create 3 groups of children - 1st & 2nd, 3rd & 4th, 5th & 6th so that the little kids have a chance)


Give each child 1 panty hose and have them stretch them over the top of their head. Give them one egg to slip under the panty hose and onto the top of their head.

The object is to smash each other’s eggs with the pool noodles.

Divide into age category’s  and do one category at a time..reuse pool noodles for the different category’s


Egg Roulette

1 Eggs per child

Hard Boil a few of the eggs but leave most of them raw.

Fill a container with the eggs

Have the children create a seated circle.

Pass the bowl of eggs from one person to the next.

Brave participants will take turns choosing one egg and cracking it on the top of their head.

After they crack their egg, they pass the container on to the next person.

Continue play until all the eggs have been used.


Egg Relay 

4 Raw Eggs per team

2 plastic spoons per team

Divide the children into two-three teams.

Half of each team stands at one end of the playing field and the other half stand at the other end. Facing each other.

Give the first person on each team a plastic spoon (both ends of the field)

The first person on each team places a raw egg on spoon, races to other end of playing field, dumps the egg into next person’s spoon and the race continues.

Each team get’s a total of 4 eggs. If an egg is dropped and breaks, it is replaced with another egg. If all 4 of the eggs smash then that team is out.


Have one boiled egg per team available so that the game can continue even though they are out.


Egg Toss

1 Raw egg (per every two people) and 3-4  boiled egg.

Children will select a partner and stand facing one another.

Children will toss the egg back and forth.

If the egg breaks, the team is out. 

Cake Head 

Children will create a cake on top of their partner's head...then switch and allow the partner to build a cake on top of the first child head.

You will need

1 eggs per child

1/4 c. vegetable oil per child

1 c. of water per child - Fill a bucket with water

Several boxes of dry cake mix - Fill a bucket with cake mix. (My guesstimate...1 box of cake mix per 8-10 kids.) 

Measuring cups (1 cup (water), 1/4 c. (vegetable oil), 1/2 (cake mix)

Pour 1 cup of water on top of child's head.

Add dry cake mix and massage into hair.

Add oil and massage into hair.

Add egg and massage into hair.

Cheerio Face Off

You will need

Cheerios - 1/4 c. per child (generic substitute is great),

1 egg per child

1 pad (tbsp) of soft butter (per child)

1 plastic knife for cutting the butter.

1 foam bowl per child

1 paper plate per child

1 plastic fork per child

Give each child a bowl with an egg in it, a fork,  and a paper plate with cheerios and a pad of soft butter on it.



Children will

1. Crack their egg into the bowl and whip with a fork.

2. Cover face with butter

3. Smear the egg all over their faces.

4. Pick up their plate of cheerios and press onto their face (cannot use hands to attach cheerios...use only to pick up the plate)...trying to collect as many cheerios on their face as possible. (30 sec. time limit)

Egg Fight - Last 10 minutes of event.

You will need folding tables and 1 dozen raw eggs per child. 


Divide into two teams (more if you have a lot of children).

Teams will face one another.

Turn the folding tables over onto their sides...or place several end to end to make a row. 

Teams will hide behind their tables and throw the eggs at the other team's table.


Eggs cannot be thrown at each other...only the table. STRESS THIS rule and remove anyone frm the game who purposely disobeys. Eggs can hurt. 

For safety reasons, you may want to divide the children into age (and maturity) groups and have them compete against each other. The older kids tend to be too aggressive with their throwing.

Placing the tables further apart for the older children would be a wise idea. 

Hose the children off to go home. 



Suggested supplies not mentioned above:



Slime Prizes

Paper Towels – Roll

Water Hose Hooked to Hydrant

Snacks and water

Large trash can with liner (Have the children clean up after each game and you will have easy clean-up afterwards. 

Egg-stra Slimy Egg Night - Event.jpg