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Food Fight

It's Food Fight Night

Ask your kiddos to sort through their cabinets, their pantries, and their fridges to find all of their out-of-date or stale items and bring them to "Food Fight" night!
Mix it all together and get ready for some pretty "gross" fun!
This is your opportunity to get away with some of the things that you have always wanted to do...but were afraid to try.
It is also a way to use up all of the leftover "Scream and Shout" supplies from the past few weeks and incorporate them into new activities.
For this Mestival event, I chose a food theme with the main attraction being a huge Food Fight!
I have also done a mud theme...where our Pastor brought in a huge load of sifted dirt and we did all kinds of mud activities. I will post a couple of pictures of this event at the bottom of the page. 
Choose games from the list below...or create your own!
Food Fight
Get ready for the world's messiest "Food Fight"
Prior to your event, ask your members to check their refrigerators and pantries for bottles or cans of food that have expired.
Ketchup, mustard, chocolate syrup, mayonnaise, soy sauce, pudding, jello, marshmallows, spaghetti sauce, etc...anything that has passed its expiration date.
Check with your local grocer for anything that they would be willing to donate as well. 
   Prepare a few items of your own to incorporate into the mix.
Here is a short item of things that work well as base items.
  • Beans - Cooked
  • Pasta - Cooked
  • Instant Potatoes - Prepared
  • Oatmeal - Prepared
  • Corn, peas, etc.
  • All hot sauces or things that will burn.
Ask each child to bring an item to add to the food fight.
There will be those who may complain about wasting food...and I understand completely. This is why you look for out-of-date items.
How does it work?
This food fight is not like most food fights that you have seen in the past...oh no!
For this food fight, you grab a large tub/container and toss all of your items into the tub...and give it a good stir.
Let the kids do this part....they LOVE IT!
It is is is Slimy...and it smells!
Each child will receive:
  • A Red Solo Cup full of Oooey, Gooey...magic food slime
  • One Plastic spoon for flipping food 
  • Goggles (safety glasses) if desired
  • Hairnet (if desired) you can purchase a huge bag of these at a beauty supply store for a reasonable price...they are good to have on hand for other events.
Children will fill their cups and the fight will begin!
Refills are allowed
You can switch up your food fight any way that you would like! 
Guess The Food - Body Part
Place the following items inside of a brown paper bag 
(separate bag for each item)
Write the name of the body part on the outside of the bag.
Choose one bag at a time and pass it down the row...allow the children to stick their hands inside the bag to feel the body part.
Pick and choose which body part you want to use...and how many you would like to do.
Create a bag for each child. The bag will contain several "body parts."
Call off a body part
stick their hand inside the bag...without looking and find the item that they think is the correct body part.
 Once everyone has found what they think is the correct body part, they close their eyes and on the count of three, pull out the body part and eat it!
 Eye Ball – Peeled Grapes
Intestines – Spaghetti
Nose – Cut hot dogs
Teeth – Popcorn Kernels
Blood – Warm non-set Jello
Brain –CowLiver
Dried Ear – Dried Apple
Kidney – Chicken Liver
Fingernails – Sliced Almonds
Toes – Baby Carrots
Heart – Chicken Breast
hard boil eggs, remove the shell, cut in half and remove the yolk, add a little oil and you could have slimy eye sockets
Turkey neck bone – Neck Bone
A glove filled with water for a hand
Alphabet Soup
Split your group into several teams....or do this as an individual activity.
Give each team or player a paper plate (2-3 each) and a couple of cans of alphabet soup, or for a less messy option, give them a paper plate filled with Alphabet cereal.
 Each team must sift through the goo and spell as many words as they can.
Give them a set amount of time...the team or person with the most words wins.
Spaghetti Stuff
Set out small paper plates with spaghetti and sauce. (1 per child). Spaghetti or sauce do not have to be hot...just room temp. Use a small amount of spaghetti...lots of messy sauce!
Explain that the first person to finish their spaghetti wins.
The Catch?
They must eat their spaghetti with their hands behind their backs! No spoons, no forks! 
Whistle and Burp
  • Invite three couples to take part in this simple game.
  • Ask them to sit together at the front of the group.
  •  Give each of the boys five crackers and give each of the girls a can of coke. On the signal, the boys must eat the crackers as fast as possible and then whistle a pre-selected tune to the satisfaction of the rest of the group.
  • They then hand it over to their partner (girl) who must drink the coke and then burp audibly.
  • The first couple to finish wins a packet of crackers and a can of coke! 
Wheelbarrow Munchies
Divide up into teams. Teams will choose who will do the wheeling i.e. holding the other person's legs while they balance on their hands and who will be the wheelbarrow.  The object of the game is for the "wheeler" to wheel their partner from one end of the playing field to the finishing line at the other end. Sounds easy...but wait!
The "wheelbarrow" must eat a number of things along the course i.e. gummy worms, marshmallows, whipped cream, etc. Make sure the food is placed on clean paper plates.  Try doing it again, but this time blindfold the wheelbarrow. Don't forget to take some photographic evidence!
Baby Food Game
Line up several jars of baby food (or use a paper plate, place a spoon full of baby food in one area of the plate and place a number beside it. Continue adding more baby food and more numbers. You can add several different flavors to each plate by numbering them). Let the children sample each food and then on the count of 3 they can shout out what they think it is.
Find The Worm - Pudding Eating Contest
Place a gummy worm on each paper plate (1 per child). Put a spoonful of chocolate pudding on top of the worm.
Children will put their hands behind their backs and dive into the pudding.
The first one to find the worm and pull it out wins.
Continue the contest by having the children eat their pudding... the first one finished...plate licked clean wins!
You can substitute the pudding with whipped cream.
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