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 Ice Cream Sundae

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream
Who's ready for ice cream?
Create the world's largest ice cream sundae and dig in!
Here's how:
Purchase 10' sections of plastic guttering
Purchase 2 end caps for the guttering
Need a larger sundae?
Simply purchase more 10' sections of guttering as well as the connection pieces to hook them together.
Wash the guttering and then line it with aluminum foil.
If you want to make your trough sturdy, use some screws and screw it down to a 2X4 before covering it with foil.
If you want to section off each child's eating area, you can purchase dowel rods and wedge them inside the opening of the trough.
Purchase ice cream and any toppings that you want to include in your sundae.
I normally purchase 5 gallons of ice cream for around 30 people. With all the toppings, that should be plenty.
We always have a leftover gooey mess in the bottom so I simply roll the foil over and have a couple of people help me guide the mess into a large trash can and then out to the dumpster.
The children will be creating the sundae themselves so I always put gloves on them. They line up in a long row and take turns scooping from the 5 gallons. They scoop one-two scoops of ice cream and then run to the end of the line. An adult is stationed at each bucket of ice cream and shouts out next...when they are ready for the next child.
Each child cycles through several times.
Once all the ice cream is in the gutter, we start on toppings. I had different things for each child to place on the sundae. They stand in a line and move down the entire length of the sundae.
Once the sundae is complete, the eating begins.
I normally have a child claim their area and on the shout of "Go", they dig in!
We have used the cardboard boats (hot dog boats) in the bottom of the gutter before and have each child eat from their own bowl. If you use this system. I would recommend using the dowels to hold the guttering open to accommodate the boats. 
The little tummies will get full long before the ice cream starts to run together or before they start getting into each other's area.
It starts out with "Yum this is good" and ends with "Ohhhhh...I can't eat anymore."
Always have a couple of games ready to play in case they finish eating too quickly.
Allowing them to build their own sundae and then eat it,  keeps them busy for a long time. Plan one or two games just in case they finish early.
I normally take 3-4 bags of marshmallows. We divide into teams and face off in the gym for a marshmallow war. They love it!


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