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I Want to "Bee" Like Jesus

(8 Weeks)

What's all the BUZZ?

Get ready to teach your children how to "Bee" like Jesus!

8 Weeks of walking like Jesus!

Kids will learn how to:

"Bee Kind"

"Bee" Compassionate"

"Bee" a Loyal Friend"

"Bee" Discerning"

"Bee" Forgiving"

"Bee" Helpful"

"Bee" Thankful"

"Bee" Giving"

Scripture Reading, Verse Memorization, Thought Provoking!

 Serving and Giving Opportunities

All information is FREE and a download link can be found at the bottom of the page.

I Want to Be Like Jesus Slide.jpg

I Want to "Bee" Like Jesus


Work Sheets

Memory Verses

"Honey" Snack Ideas

Snack or Prize Ideas.jpg

Hint: Oriental Trading has lots of cute prizes...stickers, pencil toppers, erasers, finger puppets, hackie sacks, pencils, etc.

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