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Junk 2 Jewels

(A New Creation in Christ)

This event can be used as a Family Fun Night with families competing for the "Best use of junk award" or as a challenging children's event.


Intro - Junk to Jewels


Let your imagination run WILD!

Clean out your resource closet, round up your leftover craft supplies, raid your workspace,  gather up all the odds and ends that you can find and get ready for Junk 2 Jewels. The ultimate "create a craft" adventure.

For this event, you will basically gather JUNK from any place that you can find it!

Set up tables and tables of junk and encourage them to let their imaginations fun wild!


Buttons, ribbons, nuts, bolts, silk flowers, scrapbook paper, beads, pipe, PVC pipe and fittings, old electronics that will be dismantled, electrical fittings, pipe cleaners, wire, string, old jewelry, CD's, puzzle pieces...even old silverware. The sky is the limit and no two Junk 2 Jewels events will look the same. 

One thing that I would highly encourage you to include is OLD Electronics...especially old VCR's...anything with lots of parts. Some of the kids were more interested in dis-assembling the electronics than they were in creating something...which is totally ok. Let them create, explore and have fun!

Ask your church members for their old junk...within reason! They will have a lot of it.

Place an insert in your church bulletin asking for the items that you are looking for. Give them examples/suggestions on what you are looking for but do not limit them...they will have some great ideas/junk.

 I would have never thought to supply old silverware however, someone donated it and  it was turned into a pretty awesome windchime.

 (You will want to limit the size of the don't want large appliances, old tires, or junk cars showing up :)


Make sure to include some of the older folks from your church to assist with handyman task.

An occasional hole will need to be drilled, a screw removed, someone will need a hammer, etc.

Basic tools will be needed!

Set up a handyman table where the kids/families may bring their project for help. 


You may also want to have a craftyista volunteer as well.

The child will need hot glue occasionally...and something cut with "Big Scissors" 

They may also need some advice on how to proceed with; or accomplish a certain task.

Set up a CraftyIsta table where the kids may bring their projects for help.

Supply Table

Set up a craft table with glue, paint, paintbrushes, scissors etc. 

View the pics below and get started on your own "Junk 2 Jewels" event.

You can also turn this event into a Father/Son or Mother/Daughter event!

Sample Pics - Junk to Jewels

Sample Pics

Flyer - Junk to Jewels

Flyer and Slide Sample

Junk to Jewels - Slide - Editable2.jpg
Information - Junk to Jewels


Before We Begin - Junk to Jewels

 You will be amazed at how much fun you can have at a Junk to Jewels event!


Kids are very creative...and their little minds work so different from one another.


There are really no rules with a Junk to Jewels event. Kids can create whatever they want...however they want.


Just set out the junk and let their imaginations run wild!


You may want to have a few "creation" examples availabale to get their little minds to working...thing that you created in advance.  If you decide to do this, make sure to tell them that they are not to copy your work...but create their own.

Before We Begin

  • Gather Junk, Junk Junk...and more junk! Clean out your resource room, closets and drawers at home, your husbands shop, your sewing and craft rooms, etc. Ask your members for their junk. Be specific...small items and old refrigerators, car tires, etc. :) If you do not receive enough electronics to tear apart, check at junk stores, salvation army, thrift stores, etc. They usually have a toss bin for items that are just junk! 

  • Set up several tables filled with old craft items...Kids may pick and choose what they want to use. 

  • Throw down a tarp to place pipes, scrap metal pieces, or larger items on. Kids can sit  down on the floor to create or take what they want back to their tables. 

  • Set up tables filled with old electronics. Supply screwdrivers and battery operated power drills with a screw attachment (If you have one or two). Your handyman can show them how to use the drills to get them started. I allowed our older kids to use the drills and they did great with them. You be the judge at your event. 

  • Set up several "work tables" for the kids to work on. Give them plenty of space to work. You may want to cover the tables with brown paper or plastic table cloths.

  • Set up your handyman and craftyista tables (if you choose to use one). Make sure to set the tables up near an electrical outlet.


Can you guess what you would serve at a JUNK to jewels event?

Junk food of course! Please see suggestions at the bottom of the page.


Be Prepared

Some children are quick to create...some are not.

For those who whip out one craft after another...challenge them.

 Hand them a bag of puzzle pieces, some wiggly eyes, some screws, etc. Instruct them to create something using each of the items. Give them different challenges throughout the evening. Check your tables for items that are not being used...unusual items. These are the items you want to challenge the "crafty person" with.

For children who need help a little extra help...partner them with other children allowing them to create group crafts. The only problem here is "Who" gets to take the craft item home. If there are two people working on a craft, they will have to make 2 crafts and each person gets to take one home.

Clean Up

There are no limits on how many crafts a child can make.

Each child will take home their own crafts.

This means that they will be hauling off a lot of the items that you brought in! Win! Win!

When we were finished with our event, I allowed parents and children to take anything

that they could/would use at home.

I pulled a big trash can up to the junk tables and disposed of "junk" items.

All metal, paper and plastic items went into recycling. (I dropped it off at our

local recycling center on the way home)

All unused supplies went back to the resource room. (glue, tape, etc)


Take Pics, Take Pics, Take Pics!

Take short video clips, take short video clips, take short video clips!

If you have extra help, assign the picture taking duties to someone else!


Extra Help

Although the children will be busy creating, it is ALWAYS a great idea to have extra help for your event. Extra hands make for light work.

This is the perfect event for some kids from your youth (student ministry) help with. 


Food - Junk to Jewels
Be Prepared - Junk to Jewels
Clean Up - Junk to Jewels
Supply List - Junk to Jewels

Supply List

Junk Foods

  • What would you serve at a a Junk to Jewels event? Junk food of course!

  • Pizza or Taco's...anything Junk food!

  • Chips

  • Cookies

  • Candy

  • Soda (water as well)

  • Whatever you choose is perfect!


  • Portable Sound system with speakers.

  • Microphone 

  • Flash drive with  fun music

Junk - Ideas

(Items to consider)

  • Buttons

  • Scrap Book Paper

  • Ribbons

  • Silk Flowers (fascinators)

  • Head Bands

  • Fun Foam

  • Feathers

  • Fake Fur

  • Fabric

  • Puzzle pieces

  • Pipe Cleaners

  • Pom Poms

  • Clothes Pins

  • Old Jewely

  • Old Silverware

  • Beads

  • Paint

  • Paint Brushes

  • Left over canvases

  • Old unique bottles

  • Yarn

  • Stickers

  • Composition Notebooks (journal making)

  • clothes pins

  • Shells

  • Google eyes

  • TP rolls

  • Cardboard tubes

  • Old electronics to tear apart

  • Nuts

  • Bolts

  • Washers

  • Pipe fittings

  • PVC Pipe and fittings

  • Electrical supplies 

  • Scrap wood 

  • Tin Cans

  • Rocks - for painted rocks etc

  • Tissue Paper

  • Construction Paper

  • Empty Kleenex Boxes

  • Cardboard

  • Stencils

  • Sequins

Supplies - Ideas

(Items to consider)

  • Duck Tape

  • Scotch Tape

  • Paper Tape

  • Black electrical tape

  • Glue

  • Hot Glue

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Wire

  • Screws

  • Screw Drivers

  • Drill

  • Pliers

  • Hammer

  • Nails

  • Rope

  • String

  • Wire

  •  Saw

  • Scissors

  • Wire Cutters

  • Rubber Bands

  • Needles

  • Thread

  • Zip Ties

  • Solder and Soldering Iron (Handy man only)

  • Super Glue (Handy man only)

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