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Mud Days
Let's Get Dirty!

The Mud Hole - Website.jpg

It's Time to Get Dirty!

For this event, I asked our Pastor for something that he has probably never been asked for before...a truckload of dirt! ;)
To his credit, he never batted an eye! In fact, not only did he hook up his own trailer and go get the dirt, he purchased dirt that had been remove the rocks!
This event may not be for everyone...but it was a perfect event for me...and the children!
To create the mud hole, we simply poured the dirt onto the ground and made a well in the center. We filled the well with water and the fun began. :)
When the event was over, we waited for the mud to dry and some of our men used a rake and smoothed the dirt out.
You could always make your mud hole in a couple of kiddie pools.
Some of the activities that we did were:
1. Each child selected partners, decided on a  "face paint" design and painted each other's face.
2. Mud tug of war
3. Mudpuddle stomp...stomping in the mud.
4. Pig in the mud...rolling in the mud
5. Drip, drip, drop "duck, duck, goose" with cups of muddy water
6. Mud slip and slide...mud provided by their clothing and bodies...great way to finish up as they wash off most of the mud while doing the slip ad slide.
7. Mud dessert (chocolate pudding with oreo crumbles on top and a couple of jelly worms.



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