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Noise Night


Intro - Noise Night

Get ready for noise...noise...noise and more noise...during what else? Noise Night!


This event is one of the easiest events ever. Just gather together ANYTHING that makes noise and you are all set for an AMAZING loud evening of excitement


55-gallon steel drums, pots, pans, cowbells, bike horns, trash can lids, bubble wrap stomp, and lots and lots of "crunchy" food!


Stomp, shake, rattle, bang, pop, crunch, munch, and slurp...yep it's all happening during NOISE NIGHT!

I have hosted a Noise night for many years and each year I discover more fun and NOISY activities. If you host a noise night and have some new ideas...please let me know! We LOVE new ideas!

1 Corinthians 13:1 If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. (No matter how eloquent one speaks…they sound like a clanging cymbal if they don’t speak it with love)

Sample Pics - Noise Night

Sample Pics

Flyer and Slide Sample

Flyer and Slide Sample - Noise
Noise Night - Flyer 2019.jpg
Noise Night - Slide 2019.jpg

Click below to download a FREE template. 

Download and add your own info. to create

a custom flyer!

Click below to download a FREE template. 

Download and add your own info. to create

a custom slide

New Years Noise Night

Information - Noise Night


A Noise night is all about the NOISE!

An essential item for a noise night is a pair of EAR PLUGS...for everyone!


1.  Before the event evening arrives, create a "noise" playlist. I created a 3-hour playlist of continuous sound effect clips.  Check out the video at the top of the page. I placed some of the sound effects on the video as an example.


2. Before the children arrive, set up noise-making centers...55-gallon steel drums (barrels), pots, pans, metal spoons, buckets (bucket band), whistles, bells, cowbells, noise makers, bike horns, large metal spoons, large wooden spoons, cardboard tubes (for pounding) metal pan lids (cymbals), etc. The sky is the limit...anything that makes noise is perfect! A good time to look for noise makers such as horns and whistles is right after New Year.  You will find them on clearance at Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby, and many other stores.


2. Roll out bubble wrap onto the floor for a bubble wrap stomp...once All the children have arrived.

3. Set up a table with noise makers, whistles, clappers, whoopie cushions, be used later in the evening.


4. Decorate your "kids' tables in advance. Decorate these tables as desired. Place noise makers, pop rocks, bubble gum, and earplugs (you choose what you want to set out) at each seat.


5. Start the sound effect loop and let it run the entire evening. You can turn the volume down when you need to get the kid's attention and then back up as soon as you are finished.

6. As the children arrive, have them select a seat at one of the tables. This is their "spot" for the evening. They will place anything that they brought...coats, hats, gloves, etc in their "spot". They will place any prizes that they might win at their "spot" and sit here to eat. Their drinks and snacks may remain in their "spot" during the entire evening so that they may come back to eat or drink anything that they are snacking on. Once the children leave, you will simply grab the corners of the table cloth, scoop everything up and toss it into the trash...easy to clean least the tables. :)

6. Once the children have found their spots and settled in, have them put on their earplugs and allow them to start making noise with the barrels, pots and pans, etc. Do not let them start popping the bubble wrap yet.


7. Once you are sure that everyone has arrived and settled in, you can proceed to the bubble wrap stomp and then have them compete in a bubble wrap costume contest. Children will they will wrap in bubble wrap to create fun costumes. Hand out a small prize for the winners. The bubble wrap costume contest just "happened by accident" at our very first noise night. The kids picked up the wrap and started wrapping themselves in it...thus the bubble wrap costume contest came into existence...and it has been a part of our event ever since.



Create a noise center with LOTS of stuff to bang on...use whatever "junk" you can find...ask your congregation for unwanted "metal" items to use. Ask them to speak with you about what items can be used "before" they drop them off!

Some Suggestions

Barrel Band - Old steel barrels (55-gallon metal drums) - Long Cardboard tubes and LARGE metal spoons for beating on the drums

  • Bucket Band - Several 5 Gallon Plastic Buckets - Several BIG metal and wooden spoons for beating

  • Tin cans

  • Metal pan lids to use as cymbals

  • Pots and Pan Band - Old pots and pans - Old pan lids - large metal, wooden and plastic spoons

  • Old cookie Sheets- Clang together or beat on them with spooks, etc

  • Chimes - Use various lengths of metal pipes - drill a hole in the top of each pipe, run a string thru the holes and hang up - Metal spoons for banging on the pipes and making music

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

Bubble Gum Blowing Contest...biggest bubble, loudest POP

We've Got Spirit Chant

Teach the children how to do rounds

”We’ve got spirit….yes we do…We’ve got Spirit…how bout you?”

Each table will be a different team. Any team can challenge any other team at any time during the evening...spontaneous challenge. All evening long... A team can form at any moment and start the challenge against another team.

​Bubble Wrap Stomp

  • Bubble Wrap Stomp – Lay it all over the floor and let them stomp, jump, etc.

  • Bubble Wrap - Start collecting from church members ASAP once you have set your event date. FYI - There is bubble wrap that pops and bubble wrap that doesn't...make sure that everyone knows to check their bubble wrap before bringing it. We have a large recycling center in our area...they will save any bubble wrap that comes in for me...check resources such as these. 


Bubble Wrap Costume Contest

  • Bubble Wrap Costume Contest – Using the popped bubble wrap, have the kids design their own costumes and have a costume contest.

  • No extra supplies needed for this activity

Relay Races

  • Relay Races - Set up an obstacle course, form teams

  • Ring Cow Bell

  • Bang On Barrels

  • Bang on Buckets

  • Clang Cymbals (Pan lids)

  • Honk Bicycle Horn

  • Eat a cracker and then whistle

  • Blow up a balloon, squeal a balloon, take a balloon with you

  • Run back to the group and tag the next person

  • Add anything that you like

Balloon Stomp

  • Balloons

  • Rubber Bands

  • Blow up balloons and tie them, and fasten a rubber band to each balloon (Do this in advance and stuff in large trash bags). Have the children stretch the rubber band over their shoes and up around their ankles. Each child tries to stomp and break the other child's balloon. Last man standing wins. No hands allowed, no touching, rubber band comes off the balloon…you are out. Can only use feet.

Pool Noodle Battle

  • Pool noodles (cut noodles in half)

Hungry Hippo Game

  • Rolling Carts

  • Ropes

  • Trash Cans

  • Balls

Photo Booth

(Pow, Pop, Bang…photo stick props, paddle balls, punch balls, silly stuff)

Confetti Poppers

You can purchase these from Oriental trading company - They are small poppers and they usually have some on clearance. Have the kids stand in one area to pop them so that the mess is contained in a smaller area. The push broom works great. Clean up as soon as you have popped them so confetti does not get tracked everywhere.




  • Scream….Everyone gets into a circle and looks at the floor, someone counts to three and then everyone looks at a random person. If the person is looking back at you then you both scream and are both out of the game.

  • The last 2 standing wins!



Best beat, best band, etc. Makeup whatever categories you wish


  • Balloons

Packing Peanut Dive (Hide Pop Rocks, Pop Rings, or Tootsie Pops in the Peanuts)

Kids jump in and search for a hidden package of pop rocks, a pop ring, and a tootsie pop and then jump can add anything in the pit...just make sure it stays with the theme of "pop" etc.

  • Packing Peanuts (LOTS)

  • 4 Folding tables to make a pit

  • Tarp – To line the pit with before putting the peanuts into the pit. (Make sure it is taped down the center and to the tables with no way for peanuts to escape

  • Pop Rocks, Pop Rings, and Tootsie Pops

  • This game is rather messy but is LOTS of fun! I allowed the kids to go back to the pit and play anytime that they wanted 


  • Be prepared with a few grab-and-play items

  • Parachute

  • Pool Noddles (Pool noodle Battle)

  • Flarp (flarp competitions Etc.

  • Allow for plenty of free play time where the children can bang on the pots, pans, and barrels, jump in the peanut pool, etc.

  • Great time for free play is right before you eat, when they finish eating and when you are setting up for the next activity



  • Kids are encouraged to chomp, slurp, chew with a mouth full, burp, etc.

  • However, you don’t want to see any food in their mouths

  • They can make animal noises while they eat

  • Taco’s

  • Taco Chips

  • Crunch and Munch

  • Carrots

  • Apples

  • Celery

  • Bugles

  • Ginger Snaps

  • Corn Chips

  • Mini Rice Cakes

  • Blue Chips

  • Veggie Straws

  • Soda Pop

  • Anything that crunches or makes a noise

  • Ice Cream Sundae's with pop rocks sprinkled on top


  • I normally DO NOT do a lesson during our Friday night Outreach events unless they can be added in a fun way, match our event, and are short. 


Short Lesson Time (Choose Lesson from the ones below or come up with your own)


Be Creative

(Simple brown bag makes an AWESOME clay pot to bust...(NOISE)

a.     Brown Paper Bags – Small

b.     Horn-Noise makers  - Any kind of Party Horn (NOISE)

Tell your story and add NOISE to your rendition as much as you can…keep them on their toes. 

The kids will use their party blowers to represent  “trumpets” and the brown bags for their pots (blow them up, twist them shut, and pop on cue)


Be Creative

We did this lesson so that we could add in the pool noodle battle

a.     Noise Maker (Noise Maker)

b.     Parachute- Spread out represent the exterior of the city

c.     Steel Drums (Have someone beat on the drums to represent the walls falling down)

         d. Pool Noodles Battle– Have the children rush in and take over the city…pool noodle fight. Pool Noodles are cut in half to make swords to capture the city with.



very quick - short 

The Quiet

At the end of the evening, do a quick devotion on "quiet".

Settle everyone down where it is nice and quiet and ask them when they can hear God best…during all the noise or when quiet…talk about quiet time with God.

It is in the quiet that we hear God the most.


Things to Remember



Have extra activities ready to go but forget about them if the kids are having fun!

These extra activities are to be used as "time fillers" or "mood changers" only!

 Toss in an extra contest or two and then get back on schedule once one of the activity songs

begins to play.

Let the children be your guide! If they are having fun...let them have fun!

When the gang gets restless...toss in a quick and easy activity.


Make sure that you participate in the event as well. These events are memory makers

for the children as well as yourself!


Take Pics, Take Pics, Take Pics!

Take short video clips, take short video clips, take short video clips!

If you have extra help, assign the picture-taking duties to someone else!


Set up a fun photo booth! Take a break from the activities later in the evening and get some cute pics! 


Make sure you have some extra help with this event.

It should run smoothly however dividing up the work is always a good idea!

This is a perfect event for some kids from your youth (student ministry) department.

Activities - Noise
Food - Noise Night
Lesson - Noise
Things to Remember - Noise

If you host your own "Noise Night" event, please share a few of your pics and new ideas with me...I would LOVE to see them! or text to 479-619-9932

Supply List - Noise

Supply List

If you have extra storage space, make sure to save any re-usable items!

You WILL do this event again!

Simple Foods

  • Anything and everything CRUNCHY OR LOUD! Use these ideas, mix and match, or create your own!

  • Taco’s (Meat, seasoning, shells and cheese)

  • Taco Chips

  • Crunch and Munch

  • Carrots

  • Apples

  • Celery

  • Bugles

  • Ginger Snaps

  • Corn Chips

  • Mini Rice Cakes

  • Blue Chips

  • Veggie Straws

  • Soda "Pop"

  • Anything that crunches or makes a noise

  • Ice Cream Sundae's makings (whatever you choose)

  • Pop rocks to sprinkle on ice cream


Deco and Misc


  • YOUR OWN Whistle for getting kids attention.

  • Camera

  • Table Cloths

  • Balloons

  • Table favors

  • Photo Props

  • Portable Sound system with speakers and microphone

  • Sound Effects Flash drive (Noises)

  • Lesson Props (If teaching a short lesson)


  • Anything and everything LOUD! Use these ideas, mix and match, or create your own!

  • Whistles

  • Horns

  • Noise Makers

  • Cow Bells

  • Bicycle Horns

  • Balloons

  • Bubble Wrap

  • Styrofoam Peanuts

  • Tarp

  • Tape (Tape Gun)

  • Pop Rocks

  • Tootsie Pops

  • Ring Pops

  • Whoopie Cushions

  • Flarp

  • Pool Noodles (Halved)

  • Parachute

  • Bubble Gum

  • Confetti Poppers

  • Crackers

  • Whistles

  • Punch Balls

  • Ballons with Rubber Bands attached and placed in trash bags.


  • Anything and everything LOUD! Use these ideas, mix and match, or create your own!

  • 55 Gallon Steel Drums Barrels (2 or more)

  • Pots and Pans

  • Large metal, wooden and plastic spoons

  • Metal Pan Lids

  • Tin Cans

  • Pipes (Chimes)

  • Metal Table Spoons

  • Large Cardboard Tubes

  • 5 Gallon Buckets

  • Cookie Sheets

  • Hungry Hippo supplies - Carts with ropes attached, balls, small trash cans

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