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Paint Slip and Slide or Water Slip and Slide


Flyer and Slide Sample - Slip and Slide

Flyer and Slide Sample

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Paint Slip and Slide - Website.jpg
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Intro - Slip and Slide


This Slip and slide event is very versatile. It can be done as a stand-alone, water slide, or paint slip-and-slide event.
It is a perfect way to end the Paint wars event as the paint will get rinsed off during play.
I have done this event both ways.
It can also be done as a simple slip-and-slide event with no paint.
A few answers before we begin
  • I usually do this event during the summer and it is part of our Mid-Week Adventures (Wednesday night) event...which is always fun, and always messy! This event can be done as part of the "Paint wars" event or it can be a stand-alone event.
  • Paint DOES NOT stain skin
  • Paint DOES stain clothing.
  • Paint DOES not stain or damage the grass. It will wash right into the ground...along with the water.
  • Tarp will kill the grass if you do not take it up after the event. Please do not leave it on the grass overnight.
  • I encourage the kids to wear swim goggles but I do not enforce it with this event. Paint is diluted so it does not hurt the eyes however dishwashing liquid will sting if it gets into their eyes. Consider using baby shampoo instead of dishwashing liquid.
  • ALWAYS inform your parents that their kids WILL be getting messy. Although this event IS messy, the paint will wash off easily. If you stop adding paint to the slide for the last 5 minutes, they will probably be clean by the time the event ends. 
  • The water hose comes in handy for last-minute kid cleanups.
  • Have the parents send their child in an old white t-shirt. They will have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece when finished.
  • Have the parents bring a towel for their child and a towel for their car seat...just in case.
  • Kids DO NOT change clothing to go home. They come in old clothing, bring a towel and go home wet...just as they would from the pool.
  • If a parent wants to change their child's clothing, the child cannot be dripping when entering the church and the parent has to take them to change.
  • Allowing a 5-minute drying off time before they go home is good (snack time/dry off time)
  •  Plastic is reusable if you allow it to dry. Rince the tarp off, roll it up, place it inside a 5-gallon bucket, and layout to dry the next day. I set mine out on the driveway and flip it over a time or two to dry. Make sure to weigh it down or it will fly away.
Sample Pics - Slip and Slide

Sample Pics

Before we begin - Slip and Slide

Before We Begin

How to Make Slip and Slide
Tarp, Stakes, Traffic Cones
Purchase a thick roll of Visqueen plastic. You can purchase this at any hardware store or at Wal-Mart. I have also heard of others using an old vinyl billboard however, I have never tried it. 
 I reinforce all four corners with 6-8 pieces of duck tape (about 6" on top of the other) then I use tent stakes to stake it down. Just center the stake in the center of the tape and pound a hole through the tape.
Make sure to hammer the stakes into the ground far enough so that you cannot see or feel them. I normally place an orange cone over the stake and have someone stand over the cone to stop any child that is sliding too close to the stake...just as an added precaution. After the event, the ground will be soaked and the stakes can be removed easily by using the claw end of a hammer. 
Garden Hose
Run a garden hose to the tarp.
Paint and Bottles
If you are doing a simple slip and slide with no paint then you can skip this section
Prepare several squirt bottles (empty dishwashing liquid bottles work great...just flip the lid and squirt the paint onto the tarp) ask church members to start saving them months before the event)
Fill the bottles with approx 1/3 (tempera) paint, approx 2/3 water and shake to mix...add 1-2 squirts of baby shampoo and slowly rotate the bottle back and forth a few times to not shake.
Place the prepared paint bottles into a 5-gallon bucket for easy handling.
Note: For your best value, purchase gallon jugs of tempera paint.
If you only want to do a one-color water slide then purchase 1 gallon per approx 
100 kids. If you want to use more colors then purchase smaller bottles that add up to 1 gallon. The paint will be watered down so it will go further than you think.
Budget saver: If you are like most leaders, you will have several bottles of leftover Tempra paint...grab them, add some water, and a squirt of baby shampoo and use them up. 
A whistle is always a great thing to have when playing outdoors
Let the Games Begin
When the Kids Arrive
  1. Send everyone to the restroom...there is always that one kid who will need to go to the restroom...even if your event is for one hour.
  2. While there are in the restroom, water down the tarp
  3. Squirt a little baby shampoo on the tarp in advance...and any time that the slide needs to be a little more slippery.
   4. Explain rules (make up your own rules. Make sure a "no running on the tarp" rule is included. Once they hit the slick tarp, they will fall. Just run, land on stomach (at the start of the tarp), and slide.
    5.  Squirt some paint/water/baby shampoo mixture (squirt bottles) on the tarp
    6. Blow whistle to start play
    7. Make sure a steady spray of water is hitting the tarp and add paint as needed for fun and mess.
Stop the games 5-10 minutes before the ending time.
Pass out popsicles and allow the kids to dry off (in the sun) while enjoying their popsicles.
Have several different games in mind in case the kids get bored. 
  • Who can slide the furthest
  • Who is the messiest at the end of the night
  • Most colorful T-shirt at the end of the evening
  • Line the kids up along the church...backs to the wall (or faces to the wall if you choose) tell them to strike a pose and hold it while you hose them down. When they step away from the wall, their shadows will make a mural on the wall. Works on brick or rock type walls. Will not work on metal or vinyl siding. Try it out in advance to make sure it works on your church exterior.
  • Don't try to do all the activities that you have planned. Use these as fillers only! Don't ruin your evening by trying to cram everything in. Have (or little) prep work "extra activities" in mind.
Take Pics, Take Pics, Take Pics!
Take short video clips, take short video clips, take short video clips!
If you have extra help, assign the picture-taking duties to someone else!
Extra Help
This activity is very, very, very easy to do. Very little set up and very little clean up.
When the event is over, just spray off your tarp, use a claw hammer to pull up the stakes, roll up the tarp, and place in a 5-gallon bucket until the next day. The following day, spread out your tarp on the driveway or pavement to dry.
If you are not keeping your tarp then simply roll it up and toss it in the dumpster.
Make sure you have some extra help on hand.
Great event to ask your youth to help with!
Let the Games Begin - Slip and Slide
Food - Slip and Slide
Be Prepared - Slip and Slide
Supply List - Slip and Slide

Supply List

  • Water Hose
  • Roll of thick visqueen plastic
  • Duck tape (Can use for patches if there is a hole in the plastic)
  • Tent stakes
  • Hammer (Claw Hammer)
  • Orange Cones
  • 1 Gallon of brightly colored tempera paint (If you want to use different colors then purchase enough smaller bottles to add up to 1 gallon total. 1 gallon of watered down paint should be enough for approx 100 kids) You can always use the leftover paint for a paint wars event. 
  • 1-2 Gallon Buckets
  • Baby Shampoo 
  • Empty Dish washing liquid (or any type squirt bottle) bottles
  • Blow up raft or ring if you choose to use one for sliding
  • Whistle
  • Popsicles
  • Extra old towels (a good idea to have a few on hand) I keep a tote filled with old towels for summer activities...ask your church members for old towels...they will have plenty.
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