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Paint Wars

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Paint Wars - Website.jpg
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Intro - Paint Wars


"Paint Wars," "Rainbow Fight Night," John Deere Green Paint Wars Night," "All the Colors of the Rainbow Night"...whatever you call it, this event is fun, fun, fun!
I normally do "theme summers" so this event has had several names over the years.
This is one of our kid's absolute favorites...they insist on it every summer. 
Although the name has changed, the activities have remained pretty much the same. Over the years, I have added a few extra activities such as a water balloon fight, powder paint wars, etc. but it remains basically the same...why change a good thing?
Sample Pics - Paint Wars

Sample Pics

Flyer and Slides - Paint Wars
Slide Sample
I host this event each year with a different name. If you need a different flyer, just let me know and I will help you create something special for your charge!
Paint Wars Slide.jpg
Paint Wars - Website.jpg
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John Deere Green Paint Wars Night - Website.jpg
Paint Wars - Flyer - NO SPACE FOR INFO.jpg

Before We Begin

Before we Begin - Paint Wars
It's summertime...which means that it is time for one of the messiest events of the year. 
Your kids will absolutely LOVE this event! I guarantee it!
All paint is washable tempera paint. Although it washed off of hands and hair, it does not wash out of clothing. Make sure that parents know to dress the kids in old clothing (and shoes) that WILL get stained. 
The paint will not stain or harm the grass. You will NOT have to spray/wash/rinse the grass off afterward. 
I purchase the paint by the gallon. I normally choose 3-4 colors. Water is added to make it go a long way. 
All paint will be watered down so if you find some paint that has thickened some, (older) it will be perfect! The brilliance of the paint will depend on how much you have watered it down. In reality, though, the kids do not care about how bright the color is...they just like to get messy!
Mixing the Paint
You will need one 5 gallon bucket, one 5 gallon paint stir stick and one item to dip the paint with (I just use a solo cup for dipping) per paint color.
Pour approx one-half gallon of paint into each bucket (1 bucket per color).
Fill the rest of the bucket with water.
Use your stir stick (or any stirring item) to mix the paint and water together.
Stir the paint once again right before the fun begins.
Note: You will be able to add more water to the bucket of paint in order to stretch the paint further. When the bucket is about half empty,  Just add water and stir again.
If the bucket of paint gets too low, you may have to add a little more paint. 
Colored Powder Paint Wars
If you are going to add a powder paint war to your event, you can either purchase your powder paint online or create your own by using corn starch. 
Tip: If you are making your own colored powder, make is weeks, even months in advance so that you are not working under pressure when you are preparing for your event. 
There are several instructions and tutorials online. Simply search for colored powder.
Following is a couple of tutorials that I have found.
Water Balloon Wars
If you are going to add a water balloon wars, you will need to purchase water balloons and fill them in advance. Place filled balloons in 5-gallon buckets
Water Hose
Make sure to have enough water hose to reach the buckets of paint. It is much easier to run a hose to the buckets than to carry a 5-gallon bucket of paint to the playing area.
Use the same water hose to rinse the kids off at the end of the evening.
Eye protection
Each child will need eye protection. Request that they bring eye protection, swim goggles, or safety glasses. Have plenty available in case they forget theirs. You can purchase some safety glasses at the dollar store for $1 per pair...hardware department
Ask the parent to bring two old towels. One is for the child to use during the event (if they get cold, etc) the other will be for the car seat.
We always use a water hose and spray the kids off after the event however, they will not have paint on them however, they will be wet. 
Suggestion: Plan ahead: Request old bath towel donations from your church members. I always keep an old tote full of towels for our summer activities. They come in VERY handy.
White T-Shirts
I ask the parents to dress their children in an old white t-shirt. Once the t-shirt is washed, it will be a beautiful tie-dyed shirt...a one of a kind and memory of your event. 
Gather the following items
  • Paint/Water Shooters - $1.00 at most stores (1 Per Child - Plus a few extras in case of breakage)
  • 2 Plastic (Solo) cup per child (have some extra's handy in case one breaks)
  • 1 - 1" paintbrush per child (You can purchase these in the Wal-Mart paint!)
  • 2-3 Rolls of paper towels (I always give each child 1-2 towels that they tuck inside their waistband in case they have paint drip into their mouths, ears, eyes, or anywhere else that they do not like it. They simply pull out their towel and wipe off the drip...saves the children coming to you each time they need to be wiped off)
  • Large Trash can (with liner). This is where the kids will drop their cups and paper towels when finished...saves a lot of pickups afterward.
  • 1- 5 Gallon bucket (half full) of water. This is where the kids will drop their brushes when finished.
  • 1- 5 Gallon bucket (half full) of water. This is where the kids will wash their eye protection when needed.
  • Eye protection (all children)
  • Old bath towels
  • Your 5-gallon buckets of paint (pre-mixes), stir stick, and dipping utensil.
  • Water hose
Extra Items to Gather if Adding a Powder Paint Wars
  • Bags of powder paint
  • Solo cups (1 per child)
  • Plastic spoon (1 per child)
Extra Items to Gather if Adding a Water Balloon Fight
  • Balloons that have been filled with water
  • Plastic Wal-Mart bags (1 Per hold their balloons)
Let the Games Begin - Paint Wars

Let the Fun Begin

  • Run the hose to the bucket area (In advance)
  • Mix paint (5-gallon buckets) (In advance)
Water/Paint Shooter Game
  • Have everyone go to the restroom before the game restroom once play begins.
  • Keep an eye on the paint during this game...When the bucket is half empty, re-fill with water and stir. Continue to refill with water at the halfway point until the paint looks more like water than paint. When this happens, add a little more paint.
  • Fill a 5-gallon bucket with clean water. Children will use this water to clean their eye protection. Refill the bucket with clean water often.
  • Pass out 1-2 paper towels to each child. (Instruct them to place the towels inside their waistband and to use when they need to wipe their eyes, ears, mouth, etc.
  • Pass out one Water/Paint Shooter to each child
  • Give instructions: 
    • No headshots (This will happen by accident...use your discretion) 2 minute time out each time they are caught. ​
    • Cannot stand over the buckets...they must load their shooter and then chase each other. (2 minute time out each time they are caught loading and shooting and then re-loading without leaving the buckets....uses too much paint)
    • Must wear eye protection. (2 minute time out each time they are caught. Sit out the rest of the game if they continue to break the rule.)
    • No shooting the leaders unless they are participating
Paint Slinging Game
​Make sure the buckets are full and paint has been added if necessary.
  • Place a dipping utensil beside each bucket
  • Give each child another paper towel to place in the waistband of their shorts/jeans.
  • Give Instructions:
    • ​Children are to dip their brushes into the cups of paint and fling the paint from the brush at each other. Refills are allowed. 
    • No pouring the entire cup of paint onto someone. 2 minute time out (uses too much paint)
    • No slinging the entire cup of paint at someone. 2 minute time out.(uses too much paint)
    • No slinging paint into someone's face on purpose (this will happen, use your own discretion) 2 minute time out.
  • Pass out a solo cup to each child.
  • Pass out a paintbrush to each child.
  • Each child fills their own cup (including refills)
  • Blow the whistle and step back.
  • Don't enforce too many rules once play begins (except safety) If they dip paint from one bucket with the wrong utensil or they dip their cup in the bucket to refill, or they mix paint together...just let it go. They are going to have every color on them anyhow. Just let them have fun. 
Powder Paint
  • Same rules as above except they fling the powder paint with a spoon. No pouring entire cup on slinging the entire cup at someone.
Food - Paint Wars


Like all summer outdoor activities...simple is better.
If you have a snow cone machine, consider serving snow cones with all the flavors mixed together (like the paint).
If you do not have a snow cone machine then consider purchasing simple icee pops or multi-colored popsicles.
Keep your summer as easy as have lots of BIG summer activities coming up!
Be Prepared- Paint Wars

Be Prepared

Not all children are the same.
Keep in mind that not all children are the same. You may have some children show up who do not want to get wet or dirty. Grab a small "emergency" tote with a lid that you take to all of your summer events. Add a couple of coloring books, crayons, bubbles, jump rope or two, sidewalk chalk, etc. to your tote. Place it in an area where the kids cannot see it. Bring it out only if needed.
All children are different...all churches are different...Plan for the best event ever but prepare for the worst. 
Have a few extra games in mind just in case you finish early or the kids get tired of doing what you have planned. You do not have to drag out more stuff...just plan some extra activities using the items that you brought or some "no supplies" needed group games.
Do not try to cram everything that you have planned into one evening. Let the kids be your guide. Are they having fun? Leave them alone. Are they bored? Toss in an extra game or two and then resume your planned activities. Occasionally the kids will start a game of their own...if they are having fun...let them play! No evening is a failure if the children are having fun!
Supply List - Paint Wars

Supply List

Make sure to save all buckets and brushes when finished. Wash all brushes and buckets in hot, soapy water and leave to dry. Once you host this event, you WILL be doing it again!

Simple Foods

  • Snow Cones 

  • Popsicles or

  • Icee Pops

Paint Wars


  • Tempera Paint (1 Gallon jugs - 3 or more colors)

  • 5 Gallon Buckets - 1 Per each color of Paint

  • 5 Gallon stir sticks - 1 per each 5 gallon bucket

  • Paint/Water shooters - 1 per child

  • Dipping utensil - 1 per each 5 gallon bucket

  • Water Hose

  • Solo Cups - 1 per child + extra's if needed

  • 1" paint brush - 1 per child

  • 2 Rolls of paper towels

  • Eye protection - Each child

  • Old Bath Towels 

  • Large trash can with liner

  • Whistle

  • 5 Gallon bucket- half full of water - (For dirty paint brushes)

  • 5 Gallon bucket - half full of water (For dirty eye protection)

Water Balloon


(If you are including a water balloon battle)

  • Water balloons - Prepared in advance

  • 5 gallon bucketc (To hold water balloons)

  • Eye protection

  • Whistle

  • Trash Can with Liner

Powder Paint Supplies

(If you are including a powder paint battle) 

  • Powder Paint (Several bags of different color powder). Purchase or make your own using info listed above.

  • Solo Cup - One per child

  • Plastic Spoons - One per child

  • Eye protection

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