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Pancakes with the Pastor
Flippin' Pancakes Event


Pancakes with the Pastor

Flippin' Pancakes Game/Event

Looking for a unique way to build relationships between your Pastor and the children? 

Needing an easy solution for parents who skip out on Parent's meeting?

Accomplish both...with one SIMPLE event.

A Pancakes with the Pastor event!


Our Pastor enjoyed this event so much that he brought...and added to...his pancake mold collection each year. Of course, a simple pancake will do the trick as well.

Each child will enjoy time with the Pastor; while he prepares their pancake. They will then add toppings of their choosing and sit with the other children.


Parents will fill their plates with pancakes (sausage, bacon, juice...or whatever you choose) hot off the grill and attend a parent meeting at the opposite end of the room.


Ask for volunteers to help cook the (parents) pancake, etc.

I have always been blessed by two men in our church who step forward to volunteer before I can even ask. A true blessing!

I normally host this event in January when new forms are needing to be filled out. However, you can host a "Pancakes with the Pastor" event any time so it can be scheduled around your "new forms are needed" dates.

 At the meeting, I normally ask parents to fill out new child information sheets, permission slips, photo permission slips, bus rider forms, etc. I also pass out camp info, deadlines, summer activity information etc.

When the children are finished with their pancakes, they can participate in a "Flippin' Pancakes game. 


Flippin' Pancakes Game/Event


Grill your pancakes a couple of days ahead of time and FREEZE in the freezer.  4" (approx.) pancakes are perfect for this game.

You can also purchase a bag of pre-cooked pancakes at the grocery store. They are a great size and the cost is minimal.

FREEZE YOUR PANCAKES...During the freezing process, the texture of the pancakes will change

making them more durable for gameplay.

The pancake does not have to remain frozen it just has to be frozen at some time to change the texture.



Give each child a paper plate

Divide into 3 teams

The first child on each team lines up and prepares to catch pancakes that are flipped into the air.

The adult...will flip (using a pancake turner/spatula) 3 pancakes into the at a time.

The first 3 children attempt to catch the pancakes. If they catch a pancake, their team gets a point.

After 3 pancakes have been tossed, the first three children go to the end of the line and the next three step up.

See Pics Above

Because the pancakes have been frozen, they can withstand being dropped on the floor.

Pick up the dropped pancakes and re-use them until they break apart. These pancakes will not be eaten so falling on the floor/ground is no problem,


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