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A Work in Progress

This year, I will love the work in progress that is me...

It's Saturday much "me time" have enjoyed this week?

How many quiet moments have you enjoyed? How many miles have you walked in peaceful solitude? How many places have you traveled while sitting in your rocking chair? How many times have you sat in blissful silence while enjoying your favorite hot drink? How many dreams have you dreamed?

As children's leaders, my guess would be...not very many!

For some reason, children's ministry can quickly become an "all-consuming" ministry...if you let it. The trick is to balance your ministry, your family time, and your own personal quiet time.

Think back to when God called you into the ministry. What was He calling you to do? What was your heart's desire? What were your goals? What were your dreams? How are you doing?

Take some time today and ponder where you are in your ministry. Are you where God wants you to be? Are you fulfilling the desires of your heart? What are the desires of your heart? Are your programs and activities effectively reaching children for Christ? Are there activities that you can eliminate? Are you allowing enough time in your scheduling for yourself and your family? What is the main goal of your ministry?

Work towards finding the perfect balance in your ministry...realizing that change is ok.

It is ok to change things up from time to time. It is ok to end a program, It is ok to cut back...and it's absolutely essential to make time for your family and yourself.

Spending time alone is essential for everyone but it is an absolute must for someone working in a stressful ministry. It is during our time of quiet meditation that we hear God speak, it's when we can STOP all the craziness and just think...listen...dream.

Today, put yourself on the top of the list...and realize that we are EACH a work in progress.

Aren't you glad that God can create something amazing out of something small...or out of nothing at all? What is He creating in you?

Have a blessed day!

Praying for you always!

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