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Jesus, Oh Jesus!

Jesus, Oh Jesus!

Without Him, How Lost I Would Be.

This morning, I'm awake at 1:45. Why? Because 1:45 is when God placed a song in my head and a message on my heart!

In fact, He placed so many messages on my heart in such a short period of time that I had to get up and write them all down.

Jesus, Oh Jesus! Without Him, How lost I would be!

This song played over and over in my head as I was trying to sleep this morning. It set my heart into praise mode and my mind deep into thought.

Where would I be without Jesus?

How many times have we listened to the news lately and wondered..."What is wrong with these people?" or "Do these people have any common sense at all?" or "What is happening to our world?"

What is wrong with this world...and what is happening to its people is that there is an absence of God!

Many do not know who God is. They have never experienced the LOVE that He offers, the COMFORT that He gives, the PEACE that He brings, the JOY that He freely gives.

They don't know about the sacrifice that He made for each of them personally. They don't even know WHO HE IS! They don't know!

“Sin is, at its root, the absence of God." We, as a nation, are falling deeper and deeper into sin...we are lost!

And, as the song goes...Without Him, How Lost I Would Be.

Our world is lost! Somewhere along the line, Jesus has taken a back seat in our homes, in our schools, in our government, in our lives...and in the lives of our children.

Of all the bad that came from COVID, the one good that came from it is that God's people have begun to wake up...we are now seeing what is going on in our schools, in our government, in our world.

We are now seeing how desperately we need God!

But as we have begun to wake up, we have also woken a SLEEPING GIANT. And he isn't going down easily!

Now, more than ever is the time to step up and simply TEACH JESUS! Fill that void that has taken up residency in the hearts of so many...with Jesus.

Don't give them more of the world, give them more of Jesus!

As teachers and leaders, God has charged us with a mighty task. That task...TEACH JESUS!

He didn't put us in a leadership role so that we could teach about worldly events. He didn't put us in a leadership role so that we could teach worldly views. He didn't put us in a leadership role so that we could push any specific agenda. He put us in leadership for one reason and that teach JESUS!

Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. James 3:1

Teach Jesus!

Have a blessed day!

I have prayed for each of you already this morning!

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