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Best Kept Secret

One of the best keep secret's inside the church is...the senior adult department. In this world of disposable people, the senior adults are (often) the most overlooked and least appreciated members of the church. However, they do have "purpose" and their experience and knowledge is immeasurable. Never take your senior adults for granted or think of them as not having purpose. In fact, give them a purpose! If you ask any senior adult to work in the children's department, you will receive a variety of reasons why they can not serve. "I've done my time" or "my back just won't let me lift little ones" or "I just can't handle the noise"...or even a flat questions asked..."NO!". And that is the truth, many of them are unable to do what they once did...but they have a ton of VALUE! Seniors are not "un-willing" to serve, they simply have limitations...just as "special needs" children have limitations. Their knees may not work as well as they once did, their feet may hurt when standing for long periods of time, their backs are not as strong as they once were...but they have VALUE and they want to feel USEFUL just like everyone else. Here's the secret ~ Senior adults are EXCELLENT volunteers! Behind the scenes warriors! Need goodie bags stuffed, flyers folded, Easter eggs sorted or stuffed? Enlist the help of your senior adults! Having an event and need lots of volunteers? Enlist the help of your senior adults! Find them a matter what their limitations are! Look for the tasks that take up a big part of your time. Instead of taking more time from your family, schedule service/work days with a group of your senior adults. Tailor fit your work area to accomdate any limitations they may have...just as you would for a special needs child. Provide (padded if needed) chairs, work tables, a QUIET place to work and lots of the "GOOD" CHOCOLATE CANDY or snacks and you're all set. Hint: They like the good stuff! When the seniors adults realize that you appreciate their service...they WILL step up! You will soon have a merry band of volunteers knocking at your door. Tip #1: Take on the senior adult class as one of your service projects. Form a bond with the senior class. Spoil them from time to time with cards the kids have made, carroling outside their classroom at Christmas, secret visits to their classroom with goodies (a perfect time to talk with them about up-coming service projects opportunities) etc. Don't forget grandparent's day...the best time to honor them! Make sure to schedule all visits through your senior adult class leader/teacher before dropping in. Tip #2: When you are planning an event go directly to the senior adult "in person" and ask them to serve. Sadly, in many cases they are the forgotten generation. They normally do not volunteer on their own because they often feel un-needed. 📷:( Once you build a bond with the seniors, you will see a difference in the number of seniors stepping forward to serve. Tip #3 If having a large event (Fall Festival, VBS, etc), go directly to the senior "in person" and ask them to serve. Assure them that they are needed, give them the exact time that they will be serving and tell them exactly what they will be doing. Let them know that you are willing to find a place for them to serve if they have limitations...and do it...tailor it around their needs. If you don't have a position available that they are capable of filling...create one! I don't care what it is...create one! Don't miss out on some of the best volunteers in the church...get your seniors involved! I have already prayed for you this morning! Go forth and conquer the world! Spread some "Jesus" love today!

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