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Count your blessings!

Good morning and Happy (belated) Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful visit with your family and friends. As we bid farewell to Thanksgiving and head off towards Christmas, remember to take time each day and count your blessings. Jot down three things each day that are a blessing to you. Read over your list and add to it daily. Post your list in a place where you will see if often. Counting your blessings is a good way to right your put things into prospective. It is a way to center your thoughts on all the good things that God has blessed you with...rather than focusing on all the little irritating things that seem so important at the time. Keep a list going...year round! One of my blessings today is YOU! What a blessing to see so many teachers/leaders pouring themselves into God's little ones...making "eternal" differences. During this busy month...remember to count your blessings daily and focus on the only thing that really matters...making an eternal difference! YOU are a true blessing! Go out and make a DIFFERENCE in the life of a child today! I have prayed for you this morning!

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