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Develop An Attitude of Gratitude!

Wednesday Words of Wisdom:

Develop An Attitude of Gratitude!

Today is the first day of a brand new year...a fresh start...a new beginning.

Instead of making a lot of resolutions that will fall by the way side in a few days, make some life changing resolutions.

Not just life changing for yourself...but life changing for those around you.

~ Grab a new composition notebook, spiral notebook or yellow pad and create a "2020 Blessing Book". It doesn't have to be fancy...just a plain old notebook. Of course I know that some of you will drag out your cricut, sequins, ribbons and bows...and that is ok too.

~ Count your blessings down ONE or TWO blessings in your "Blessing Book" daily. Meditate on those "blessing" throughout your day. (Look back on your blessings often)

~ Say thank you to those around you...We often complain or get discouraged about how no one says "Thank You" to us we says "Thank You" to others who work just as hard as we do? Make a resolution to say "Thank You" to 1-2 people serving in your church each week. Jot down their names in your "Blessing Book" and pray for them. (For the over achiever...challenge a scripture verse for each person and pray that verse over them. Bonus...create a card for each person telling them thank you and giving them the verse that you have selected...and prayed over...just for them.) It is amazing how many silent warriors there are out there. Serving diligently...silently...without being noticed...or thanked!

~ Seek out one person each week in your church, neighborhood or community and ask if you can help them with something. It is as simple as saying "Hey I have about 15 minutes before I have to ________ (fill in the blank) can I help you with something? (Don't forget to place their name in your blessing book...and pray for them.)

~ Focus on others...instead of yourself and soon you will attitude of gratitude.

Thank you all for your amazing work! Blessings for an amazing 2020 for each of you! I created this page as a way to hopefully be a blessing to others...little did I know that God would use you to be such a BIG blessing to me.

If any of you have anything that you need help with...flyers, slides, event ideas etc. just let me know! I will help with whatever I can (no charge)!

Let's see now...I said thank you to each of you, I consider each of you a BIG blessing, and I offered to help in any way that I can...see how easy it is to keep this resolution? Now I will close and pray for each of you...and then I will make my own "Blessing Book"

Have a blessed day with family and friends! Praying for an AMAZING year for each of you!

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